API for creating a place for an experience directly has been removed without a replacement

A tool I maintain called Mantle used the POST https://www.roblox.com/ide/places/createV2 API to create places within an existing experience. It seems this API was removed recently as my users are now receiving 404 errors. This removal was not documented in the Official List of Deprecated Web Endpoints thread and no replacement API has been provided.

I believe a potential workaround for this missing API would be:

  1. Create a new experience with POST https://apis.roblox.com/universes/v1/universes/create
  2. Remove the root place from the experience with POST https://www.roblox.com/universes/removeplace
  3. Archive the new experience with PATCH https://develop.roblox.com/v2/universes/:universeId/configuration (setting isArchived to true)
  4. Add the place to the desired experience with POST https://apis.roblox.com/universes/v1/universes/:universeId/places/:placeId/add-place

This would not be great for the owner however since it would mean introducing an archived experience everytime they want to add a new place to their existing experience.


A bug report was created for this a few weeks earlier, haha. Here you go:


Hi. I apologize for the confusion. We monitored the endpoint before turning it off and did not notice traffic there. I confirm that the direct replacement of the old endpoint is described in the solution of this post. Unable to create places within an experience through APIs Let me know if you have any question. thanks!


Thanks for the solution! My only feedback for this issue is that I expected to see a deprecation notice with the described replacement API in the “Official List of Deprecated Web Endpoints” thread. As the maintainer of a tool that uses many legacy endpoints, I track that thread to ensure that I can update the tool on time so that users aren’t blocked by these issues.


Thanks for your concern @M0RGOTH . We will keep it in mind in the future deprecation of the endpoints.

Normally we do post the deprecation notice on the endpoints that Roblox provides a swagger or an official list. The endpoint in question here was a legacy endpoint on an application that is not intended to be served for APIs. That said we did monitor the traffic for a week or so and upon not seeing any significant traffic, shut that down. We would have cautioned on the deprecation page if we did see a continuous stream of traffic but in this case we did not.

Thanks again for providing valuable feedback. We will keep it in mind from now on.


It was pretty logical that the replacement endpoint would be available at apis.roblox.com domain, however I still find it inappropriate that unlike the old api.roblox.com domain (consolidated docs page when it existed) and other subdomain (swagger) api domains, the new one is not fully documented - some endpoints’ docs are available on open cloud, some other may be found on DevForum (eg. the deprecation thread) but as far as I’m aware there is no complete list of them which causes such inconveniences.

Would there be a chance to have that kind of page published (consolidated lists of available APIs) somewhere? Please let developers decide if they need particular API - eventually it’ll be found either way, it’s just really inconvenient.


No we do not have a consolidated list of all endpoints as far as I am aware at the moment. Thank you for adding the concerns. I will bring this topic with right team at Roblox.


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