API for interacting with the PlayerList

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to add extra functionality to the default PlayerList.

If Roblox is able to address my issue, it would improve my game by being able to add more functionality without crowding the screen.

Such an API would allow developers to free up space on the screen by moving a lot of their UI functionality to the dropdown from the Playerlist, such as:

  • Spectating
  • Player Stat Viewing
  • Party/Lobby joining
  • Challenging system
  • Integrated reporting system(make reports directly to game moderators on a certain player)
  • Messaging/Texting systems.
  • Much more…

Now I realize I could easily just copy the current PlayerList from CoreGui, but that would remove a lot of the functionality it has now, such as sending friend requests and reporting players, which would quickly become a hassle for players.

Developers used to have the same problem with the ChatGui, which made it bland and often lead to it being replaced in many games. The chat has since been updated to include an incredibly useful API, which has lead to many interesting creations from developers, leading them to reinstate it into their games. I believe such an update to the PlayerList could give developers even more control over their games.

Note: I’ll create a list of possible methods/properties as I come up with one. Feel free to post any ideas you may have for it on this topic.

I’m not sure if they work because I haven’t tested them, but on the Roblox wiki for StarterGui/SetCore If you scroll down a little, there are functions “PromptSendFriendRequest”, “PromptUnfriend”, “PromptBlockPlayer”, “PromptUnblockPlayer”. These could work for the making a custom playerlist. Again, I haven’t tested these yet, so I’m not sure if they work.


Yes, I do remember them adding these, however it would still remove the report functionality and would prevent the game from getting any PlayerList updates they may make without reinserting and reconfiguring your script.

It’d save a lot of time and energy for us developers if they were able to do what they did with the chat system and just give us a way to modify it.