API for keeping CoreGui enabled with Topbar Disabled

As a ROBLOX developer, it is currently too hard to give users the proper experience with the topbar disabled without recreating all the CoreGui locally.

I think there should be some method of keeping the CoreGui enabled with the Topbar disabled.

Use cases:

  • A developer wants to have a widget set as the topbar, however wants to keep the player list with all corescript functionality in tact
  • A game creator wants to have a method of keeping inventory but having all other coregui disabled (including topbar)
  • A developer wants to be able to toggle CoreGui independently of the topbar efficiently

(Idea from https://github.com/Roblox/Core-Scripts/issues/1023 )


The topbar is meant to prevent ROBLOX UI from interfering with your game. Imagine if you disable the topbar, keep the buttons, and just right of the last button you add your own UI. ROBLOX later adds an extra button or two and your UI is now covered – the topbar is no longer doing its job, as ROBLOX core UI is interfering with your own. Disabling the contents is intentional, so that when you re-add them you have full control and future updates can’t interfere with the space you’re now using.

I’m definitely a fan of making it easier to copy/paste the features, but not preserving components when the topbar is disabled. As for making them easier to move over, ROBLOX has already begun this with the chat, as it’s now completely developer-controllable and divorced from CoreGui. In the future, I imagine other features will receive this treatment and the only thing tied to the CoreGui will be the buttons themselves which will be trivial to move over.


Obviously, those issues would need to be resolved. I understand the original intention, but as there is already a separate UI for topbars (hamburger, age and health bars), it should be possible to accommodate UIs that match the lack of a topbar.

I think it isn’t a good idea to restrict people because of issues like this - developers should have this option and if they use it, they should work around having it or not enable it (obviously, this would be a separate API from SetTopbarEnabled, and the current functionality of hiding all coregui should stay unless explicitly set by a developer afterwards)


I would prefer just to have the transparencies of SetTopbarTransparency unlocked from only being 0 and 0.5.


We would all like that, lol
I’m sure there is a reason it wasn’t added though

This was long before the top bar had the option to be disabled. I don’t see how this applies anymore.