API to get ConstraintScale and ShowWelds via StudioService

I am trying to implement a gizmo add-on to Studio Tweaks that shows regular welds in a similar way to WeldConstraints, and I want my plugin to only show these when the appropriate settings are enabled, and at the correct scale.

There is currently no way to get ConstraintScale and ShowWelds, but there is API implemented for ShowConstraintDetails and DrawConstraintsOnTop (presumably because they were needed by a built-in plugin).

Leaving the rest of these settings without developer-exposed getters is unfinished and completely prevents me from implementing good UX in my plugin, requiring I make users depend on a setting in the settings menu of my plugin when they want to turn regular weld visualizations on and off, completely separate from WeldConstraint visualizations.

Please give plugin API some more care and attention, it is currently unfinished and hacky in numerous ways.


Edit: Really?
StudioService:GetPropertyChangedSignal does not work for ShowConstraintDetails or DrawConstraintsOnTop either. :frowning:


I wish we could just read and set properties in the RibbonBar directly, not everything, but a lot of the settings in the RibbonBar should be able to be interfaced, ie:

local RibbonBar = ribbonBar()

print(RibbonBar.Model.Move) --> 1
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