APM library boombox

To combat the new audio update, I decided to make an updated boombox, which allows:

  • Search and browse the Roblox APM music library
  • Favourite audios and play them at any time
  • Music time position slider
  • An up-to-date interface
  • Show and hide the interface (Toggle button can be moved anywhere in roblox studio)

For the boombox to function properly, your game must have access to API servers and HTTP requests

It’s just a quick build, but it does the job.
Get the model here!



update this, I went to test and it is very buggy

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Turn on HTTP requests in studio settings

That’s not it, it’s just that when I hold the tool nothing appears on the screen

Add an option for users to insert an id incase they found something by roblox that they like


I second this, a few audios are fine, such as stuff by Monstercat, or
Parry Gripp’s Raining Tacos - Parry Gripp - Raining Tacos - Roblox

IDs insert would be nice, also found a weird bug


Any scripter to fix this model

Sorry for the long wait. I’ve had a lot of trouble recently accessing the developer forums, so I’ve been very oblivious to the trouble my model seems to be causing you.
The boombox was, honestly, very quickly slapped together as a possible solution. The reception has been rather positive, aside from the few bugs here and there.

I’m updating the model now, and a new version will be available very soon.

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I’ve been waiting for a long time