Portfolio 14/03/2022

Hey! :wave: I’m salcret:

About me

Let’s be real - you’re not here so much for me, but more for my work. Long story short, I’m a high achieving full stack programmer from the UK :uk:. I’m a quick learner, a great problem solver and I live and breathe game development. Whether that’s tic-tac-toe against an AI or open sourced tools, I’m always excited to start a new project and see it through to completion.

Now, on to the good stuff:

The Cube

" The Cube is a round-based survival game based in a giant self-controlled cube of chaos. 20 people are challenged by The Cube to work together, or against each other, in a variety of different game modes & obstacles that oppose the players during each round & test different skill sets.

In between rounds, you can explore the vastly civilized lobby, home to The Cube’s employees, where you can explore, socialise, purchase goods & upgrade your arsenal.

The Cube is well adapted for PC, Xbox, mobile & tablet gameplay; & provides an enjoyable experience to both new & returning players thanks to it’s intuitiveness & replay-ability. " what a mouthful!

Long story short, The Cube is big. In fact, it’s so big that my programming and UI designing skills have gotten significantly better between starting the project and releasing it. Most of my skills have come from this project, and I’m happy to say that the final rewrite, and the finished version (aside from future content updates) will release in Summer 2023. From this project, I have learnt how to:

  • Write clean, consistent and extensible modular code
  • Use a proxy server to get data from the Roblox api endpoints
  • Design an intuitive user interface, for all devices
  • Optimise code and storage for decreased memory usage
  • Excellent methods in preventing malicious client exploits
  • Design an interesting and enjoyable game, that’s complex but not intimidating to new users
  • Type checking
  • Phenomenally increased understanding of Luau
  • Sync Roblox projects to VSCode and GitHub (Rojo)

Now, for some screenshots and videos :eyes:
All of the below content was made in approximately 2 months, which includes the time that was spent not working on this.

Weapon customisation:

Daily rewards:

Abilities shop:

Milestones - an effective way to reward a user just for playing:

Loot crate unlock animation:

NPC dialogue:

Contract purchasing:

Boss fight:

More boss fight: (+ ability usage)

More more boss fight (+ perk collection)

Upgrades skill tree:

Not a lot can be shown for the anti-exploit, for obvious reasons, but here’s something cool:
Running this code:

Gives this result (with the anti-exploit active, of course)

It’s almost hard to believe that the code was actually running in this clip. I had to double check myself!

You can find the current version of the game, here. Despite the game being almost finished, active development is still happening, so bugs are to be expected.

Claws 2

I wrote numerous modules for this game:

  • An intuitive data interface for easily saving, loading and modifying player data (+ other stuff specifically tailored for this game)
  • A scavenger hunt
  • A dialogue system