Apocalypse Rising 2 Alpha Free Release Changelog

Notice! This update does not include the “Future” map, we are still working on it! But this update does add some new locations to the current map!

Current Map Updates:

  • Added about 30 new Random Events all over the map.
    • These events are similar to helicopter crash sites, except with more variety.
    • Many random events will spawn unique infected Bosses and Mini Bosses.
    • Some random events have a chance of spawning with RARE or SPECIAL items that cannot be found any other way.
  • Added various small islands around the map.
  • Expanded and rebalanced various loot categories, especially cosmetics and consumables.


  • Added 15 SPECIAL firearms.
  • Added two SPECIAL attachments.
  • Added two SPECIAL melee weapons.
  • Added four non-rare firearms, Maverick 88 Tactical, Model 788 Carbine, M14 DMR, and AC-556 Assault Rifle.
    • Most of these firearms can be found at the prison, and police stations, but the M14 DMR also spawns in green military crates.
  • Changed M14 Battle Rifle to only spawn alongside other Vietnam War era firearms.
  • Slightly adjusted stats for some firearms.

Character Creator:

  • Added Color variant UI for cosmetics. (in the future, the icons on the right will be condensed)
  • Added Hide hair toggle, so players can choose whether or not their hair is displayed while wearing a hat.

Free VIP Servers:

  • Players can host private matches on curated “maps” based on in-game locations.
  • VIP servers allow players to set the number of rounds, round length, and what weapons or equipment items to spawn with.
  • Up to 5 vs 5 can play in VIP servers, but you can also start a round solo to try things out.
  • Players must unlock cosmetics in the live game in order to use them in VIP servers.

New Items and Cosmetics:

  • Added SWAT Officer cosmetic pack, which comes with 17 items and variants.
  • Added new weapon skin “Ukiyo-e”.
  • Added dozens of new findable/unlockable cosmetics. Use the Character Creator to see what can be unlocked!
  • Added various new consumable items, and new textures for most existing consumables.
  • Changed various consumable stats and rebalanced spawn rates to accommodate new items.

Infected NPCs:

  • Reduced run speed of all common civilian infected. They should be slower than player sprint speed.
  • Crouching will now significantly reduce the distance an Infected can spot you at.
  • Added over 20 new Boss and Mini Boss infected, many of which drop RARE/SPECIAL cosmetics.
    • Some adjustments were made to existing infected, including changing certain regular infected to be Bosses.
    • Many of the new Bosses now have more than one loot drop possibility. For example, a Boss may spawn more often with a common firearm as loot, but may occasionally spawn with a SPECIAL variant of a firearm that cannot be found any other way.


  • Added Muscle Car.
  • Significantly increased spawn rates for all vehicles.


  • We now use viewport frames as item icons, this allows us to add content to the game much faster than ever before!


  • Added Olive, Navy, and Red Balaclava color variants to existing Balaclava cosmetic spawn locations
  • Added minor lootable locations on the small islands where players can spawn
  • Added various printouts for when different parts of the client hang-up while loading - Press F9 to view the error log, please screenshot and include in bug reports!
  • Slightly improved spawnrate for PKM and M1919A6
  • Slightly improved special Infected spawnrate for “Bootleg” Type 37, “Silent Partner” M1911, and “Jeremiah’s” Winchester 1894
  • Slightly improved cosmetic drop chance for “Rogue” Gas Masks
  • Significantly improved spawnrates for loot within random event stash containers (barrels, medical boxes, mossy chests, etc.)
  • Significantly improved Infected loot drops for the prison bus random event
  • Changed Spetsnaz Camp random event Boss to sometimes drop an AK-74 instead of the “Spetsnaz” AKS-74U all the time
  • Adjusted spawnrates for some many random events that were either too common or too rare
  • Disabled safe exit until we can find out why it isn’t functioning as intended - Leaving the game by closing Roblox will still save your inventory!
  • Adjusted some parameters for Infected physics when idle (hopefully improves server performance)
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the item other players held to display incorrectly, or not display at all (players appearing to hold nothing while firing a weapon, for example)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause servers to load for longer than intended
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Beaufort Infected to fail to spawn
  • Fixed some of the random rotation on certain loot spawns (fireaxe in the grave)
  • Fixed Muscle Car seats incorrectly ejecting players
  • Fixed Army Truck being prone to tipping over on sharp turns
  • Attempted fix for blurry texture issues with some viewport icons
  • Various small bug fixes


  • Added unique fire sound effects to 11 of the more prominent Special firearms
  • Increased the container size of fridges to accommodate milk gallons
  • Fixed burst fire mode behavior
  • Fixed an issue caused by leaving the game while transferring ammo
  • Fixed firearms and melees not clearing out of your hotbar when they were unequipped and kept in your inventory

New Boss Infected loot drops:

  • Added white plague doctor outfit (shirt, pants, hat, mask)
  • Added burglar shirt, a black burglar utility belt, and a white/black domino mask
  • Added black beard accessory
  • Added garbage bag backpack
  • Added magenta duffel bag


New Cosmetic Variants:

  • Added Orange, Pink, and White Balaclava (drops from random event)
  • Added White and Gray Tactical Sweater
  • Added Police Officer Hat for blue uniforms
  • Added Blue Striped Shirt
  • Added Gray Cargo Pants and Cargo Shorts
  • Added Blue Windbreaker and Track Pants


  • Added Special “Operator” XM177 Assault Carbine with side-mounted laser (drops from random event)

  • Added Special “Operator” Suppressor (spawns with new XM)

  • Added Special “Avtomat” Makarov Machine Pistol (with 84rd drum) to VIP servers only (this will not spawn in the main game at this time)

  • Increased “Silent Partner” M1911 max damage (now 35 headshot damage)

  • Changed “Silent Partner” M1911 to spawn with Special 12-round magazines

    • These 12-round magazines won’t work with a regular M1911
    • The “Silent Partner” will accept regular 7-round M1911 magazines in addition to the 12-round magazines
    • The new 12-round magazines will spawn with the firearm from now on, but existing magazines in player inventories cannot be updated
  • Fixed some random events having unlootable containers

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling frames weren’t working correctly



New Cosmetic Variants:

  • Added Brown Safari Hat
  • Added Blue Fleece Jacket

New Boss Infected loot drops:

  • Added Urban Camo Shirt in five colors
  • Added Gray Military Ammo Webbing
  • Added Navy Tactical Belt
  • Added Tan Chest Holster
  • Added Maroon Vagrant Shirt
  • Added Maroon Stripe Urban Camo Pants
  • Added Maroon Vintage Webbing
  • Added Maroon Vintage Duffel Bag
  • Added Rose Tinted Round Glasses


  • Changed Operator Webbing straps and button to be darker in color
  • Changed Red Beret to be darker in color

Development News:
We’ve been working hard at rewriting the save data functionality for every aspect of the game, so that we can better prevent loading issues and data loss. We expect this update to ship soon, and if you’d like to help test you can check out our discord server for more info. (the join link is available on Apoc 2’s game page!)

Various fixes for existing bugs will be patched shortly after the save data improvements are implemented. We’ve been putting off some of this work to focus on save data issues. These planned fixes should include minor non-critical bugs and some fixes for some critical server and client performance issues. We will release more details as those patches roll out in the near future.

After these patches, anti-cheat work will continue. We’re looking forward to improving the situation, and we apologize for the delay, but other things have taken priority! While save data work has been our main focus lately, we’ve also been monitoring data and reviewing current anti-cheat tech. We believe improved versions of these anti-cheat systems will be implemented fairly quickly after our immediate priorities are addressed. We can’t promise a night-and-day difference, but we can promise that our anti-cheat measures will continue to improve over time! Thank you for your patience!



This update includes a lot of very technical backend upgrades. Don’t get your hopes up if you were looking for new features and a bunch of new content.

Save Data:

  • Reworked the entire save data system and the server’s interactions with it
  • Loading should be much quicker in “stressed” circumstances
  • Data saving is far more reliable and happens more frequently
  • Implemented a better versioning system for data “branching” between places (main game, vip/tourney, so on)
  • Split all save data into multiple “groups” to better prevent saving and loading issues
  • Added more specific warnings regarding what exactly failed to load on startup


  • Added screen notifications for starting a new day
  • Added spawn protection from Infected (while spawning into the map, Infected won’t engage the player)
  • Added spawn protection from stat degradation (players won’t continue losing health/energy/hydration while spawning into the map)
  • Reworked how statistics are managed
  • Improved backend server and client performance
  • Adjusted the rubber-banding system to be more consistent


  • Performance updates for Infected management and physics
  • Various network and memory optimizations


  • Loading into the main menu should be much faster now. It will still be slow in fresh servers that are initializing, and in rare cases, if you’re server-hopping too fast.
  • The old “Safe Exit” feature has been entirely removed, and the loading and export process for characters has been entirely rewritten. This is prep work for future character loading optimizations. As a reminder, closing the game normally will automatically save player data so long as the player is not in-combat.
  • All “take damage” actions have been rewritten to prevent over rewarding stats moving forwards. Until we can verify this is working correctly stats may revert inexplicably.
  • Random events have had their chunking system rewritten to hopefully prevent a model duplication error from occurring.
  • In the coming week, VIP servers will regain the ability to customize your character. Your VIP character and main game character will have properly split saves moving forward.

New Cosmetic Variants:

  • Added Black Patched Hat
  • Added White Patched Hat
  • Added Tan Safari Hat


Halloween Event (END DATE EXTENDED TO 11/28/2022)

  • Added environmental effects across the map
  • Added The Citadel location to the volcano caldera
  • Added 17 limited unlockable cosmetics only available during the event
  • Added two limited event consumable items
  • Added two random events that can spawn across the map
  • Added character creator scene with music
  • Added ambient environmental sound effects, and boss infected sound effects

New Unique Non-Event Cosmetics:

  • Added “Diving Suit” for 400 Robux (four pieces)
  • Added Boonie Hat in Olive and Black
  • Added Hazmat Suit in Olive, Black, and White
  • Added Helicopter Flight Suit outfit in Black
  • Added Jet Black Tactical Vest
  • Added “Rogue” Black Gas Mask

New Common Non-Event Cosmetics

  • Added Hard Hat in Orange and Red, tweaked Yellow variant
  • Added Safety Glasses in Orange and Red
  • Added Mining Helmet in Yellow
  • Added Sombrero in White and Tan
  • Added Cyclist Helmet in Black and White
  • Added Leather Cap in Dusty Brown and Black
  • Added Snorkel Goggles in Pink and Red


  • Added Heavy Survey Backpack in Orange, Olive, Black, and White (matches Hazmat suits)
  • Added flesh and glass footstep sound effects
  • Decreased the cooldown/delay between player jumps
  • Reduced saturation of Propeller Hat
  • Tweaked Black Patched Hat color
  • Replaced Fedora texture
  • Fixed an issue where footsteps always sounded like linoleum beyond a certain distance
  • Fixed an issue where infected would instantly despawn after a player death if no other players were in the area


  • Added new introductory music to the character creator
  • Added Rogue Crash Site random event
  • Added Yellow Hazmat suit
  • Changed spawn locations for some Hazmat suit variations
  • Changed spawn locations for Milkman Cap (used to be a random spawn, now more like other rare cosmetics)
  • The Citadel has vanished, and the rifts have closed, until next time.


Holiday Event (Ends 1/15/2023)

  • Added new character creator scene and event music.
  • Re-added and expanded upon Santa’s Workshop location in the volcano caldera.
  • Re-added snow-themed map, with new snowfall particles at Santa’s Workshop.
  • Re-added all 13 limited holiday cosmetics from last year, including the Snow Ghillie Suit.
  • Added 24 new limited holiday cosmetics that can be found at and around Santa’s Workshop.
  • Added “Santa’s Pig” Machine Gun, a Special modified M60 that only has a chance to drop from Infected Santa.
  • Added four types of consumable sugar cookies and egg nog.
  • Added Elite Snowmen and Elf Enforcer boss infected.
  • Added Christmas trees with gift boxes that can randomly spawn in various houses.
  • Added sleigh crashes that can randomly spawn around the map.
  • Added snowman convoy that can randomly spawn around the map.
  • Added new ambient environmental sound effects to the day and night cycle.
  • Added snow footstep sound effects.
  • Changed Elf Infected (common at workshop) to be as difficult as regular military infected, instead of being mini-bosses.
  • Increased spawn rates for all 13 limited holiday cosmetics that are returning from last year.
  • Changed Snow Ghillie gift box random event at the Workshop to respawn more regularly (more similar to the Blood Ghillie at the Citadel).
  • Updated Elf Belt color and added silver bells.
  • Updated appearance and loot spawn tables/rates for all gift boxes, and added new gift crates.
  • Re-added static snowmen random events with new hat cosmetic spawn.

Firearms - New Projectile System:

Bullets now have travel time instead of instantly impacting the target. You now have to aim ahead of a moving target to land hits, depending on your firearm and how far away you are. All 70 of Apoc 2’s firearms have had numerous stats rebalanced to accommodate the projectile system, and make many of them more unique than they once were. Among the many changes, some stats are more important now than they were before! We’ll go over everything you should know about the major changes and new mechanics, so please read ahead carefully.

  • The “Velocity” firearm stat (studs per second) determines the speed of the bullet, as well as how much it is affected by gravity (bullet drop).
  • The “Full Dmg. Range” stat is the greatest distance that full damage will be dealt to the target. Beyond this distance, the firearm will begin dealing less damage.
  • The “Min Dmg. Range” is the distance at which the firearm will deal its minimum damage to the target. Beyond this distance, the firearm will continue to deal its minimum damage.
  • “Minimum Damage” is a hidden firearm stat for now! Larger calibers and “heavier” bullets (.45 ACP, .44 Magnum, and 7.62mm rifle ammo, for example) tend to have higher minimum damage stats, and further Min Dmg. Ranges.
  • Depending on the firearm, these “heavier” bullets may also have a lower Velocity, a higher Base Damage, further Dmg. Ranges, and higher Limb Damage modifiers, compared to faster, “lighter” bullets.
  • “Limb Damage” modifiers are also hidden stats, for now. These stats determine how much damage a firearm will deal depending on which limb of the target is hit. These stats have always been in Apoc 2. Headshots have always dealt “Max Damage”, whereas hitting a player’s foot or hand dealt the least damage. This projectile update has slightly rebalanced the Limb Damage modifiers for all firearms, and these changes should help to distinguish the characteristics of different firearms/calibers/bullets in conjunction with the other stat changes explained above.
  • Added new visuals for bullet tracers and impact effects.
    *New impact effects for shooting at players, grass, dirt, stone, metal, and water. For now, there are no new sound effects for these impacts.
    *All bullets now have a small chance to ricochet off of any surface. This is a purely visual feature for now. Ricochets will not deal damage if they strike a player, and there is no consideration for caliber or the surface that was hit. [For example, you may witness bullets dealing damage to an infected or a player, and then ricochet off of them.]
  • All firearms and barrel attachments now have visual shooting effects.
    *Suppressors now remove the muzzle flash effect, in addition to the tracer effect. Suppressors have their own smoke and muzzle effects that take the place of the flash.
    *All firearms have had their flash effects balanced for gameplay. The size and shape of the flash, its rotation, and its frequency (chance to appear per shot) is unique to each firearm.
    *For this initial release of the projectile system, built-in muzzle devices like flash hiders are not factored into firearm balance. But more time will be spent on this in the future to add realism and interest.
  • Being shot at by another player will now “flinch” your camera depending on a number of factors.
    *More powerful, larger caliber firearms will flinch your camera more than smaller calibers.
    *The flinch effect is less intense when you are aiming down sights with your firearm.
    *The direction in which your camera flinches is opposite of the position a bullet passes by your head.
  • The way all firearms sound up close and at long distances has been reworked and rebalanced.
    *It should be easier to identify the sounds of particular firearms from greater ranges, instead of all distant “thumps” sounding the same.
    *Smaller caliber firearms should be less audible at long distances, compared to larger calibers.
  • Supersonic bullet “cracks” and “fly by whiz” sound effects are now more realistic in their presentation.
    *Slower velocity projectiles from firearms like handguns and shotguns will not produce a supersonic “crack” as they pass by a player, but they will still produce a “whiz” sound.
    *High velocity projectiles from firearms like NATO and Soviet assault rifles will produce a supersonic “crack” that can be heard before the distant “report” or “thump” from the blast of the source firearm.
    *“Crack” and “whiz” sound effects are heard as the projectile passes by your head. But the distant “report” or “thump” will be heard coming from the direction of the source firearm.
  • Added “Hipfire Accuracy” stat to replace “Base accuracy”. [This stat represents your firearm’s hipfire accuracy when in first and third person.]
  • Added “Aimed Accuracy” stat to replace “ADS Accuracy”. [This stat represents your firearm’s accuracy when aiming down the sights or optic.]
  • Changed firearm classification text in descriptions to be bold, and changed the classification of some firearms to better represent their purpose.
  • Removed “Handling” stat temporarily. [This stat represented how quickly your firearm came to bear, but it never impacted your ability to fire.]


  • Fall damage now starts at 20 studs instead of 15. [at the minimum height, you will take 20 damage]
  • The fall impact animation now only plays when you fall far enough to take damage.
  • Being critically hungry or thirsty now only lowers your Health to 5 instead of killing you.
  • Slightly reduced the cooldown between jumps.
  • Jumping now removes 1 point from your Hydration and Energy stats
  • Energy and Hydration now drain slower when running.
  • Firearms can now be hipfired while falling through the air, for a brief duration.
  • Using medical items now reduces the player’s movement speed by 10-20% (depending on the medical item) while the animation is playing.
  • Reloading firearms now reduces the player’s movement speed by 10% while the animation is playing.
  • Changed aiming down sights from third-person view to return your camera to third-person once you release the keybind. This is on by default, but a new setting called “Aim View Changing” is now available.


  • Increased footstep volume and audible range, and changed distance settings so that volume is more consistent between first and third person view.
  • Generally increased the volume of firearms and other sound effects to balance the overall experience. Please double check your audio levels in the Inventory Settings menu, as well as your overall Roblox volume level!
  • Added sizzle effect to cracked lava.

The Infected:

  • Changed boss infected to be more likely to land hits on players while moving and attacking at the same time.
  • Some infected now use their own uniquely-tuned footstep sound effects.
  • Fixed an issue where infected wearing multiple 3D assets were being slowed down by the extra mass. This caused some infected to slide around when changing direction.

New Vehicles:

  • Compact Utility Vehicle (CUV)
  • Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)
  • Police CUV
  • Army Pickup


  • Added individual spawn for general beret.
  • Added individual spawn for grass skirt.
  • Added new models for all variants of Tactical Belt.
  • Added new models for all variants of Hiking Belt, and changed name to “Trail Belt”.


  • Changed damage number text to be less obstructive. Options for size are available in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed a number of small animation issues with characters and the infected.
  • Fixed the hotbar not automatically replacing used items.
  • Restructured the client loading process to be a bit faster.
  • Refactored and updated a number of aging code-bases and game systems.


  • Fixed Rogue Crash Site random events failing to spawn.
  • Fixed spawns for hazmat suit infected across the map.
  • Fixed Special Forces Crash Site random event (only one crash site was spawning when there is normally up to two).
  • Fixed the Workshop Lab ladder preventing players from dismounting properly.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck under the Workshop Lab.
  • Fixed collisions for various pipes around the Workshop.
  • Fixed various terrain grass colors around the map.


  • Santa’s workshop has vanished, and the snowmen are gone, until next time.
  • Changed M1 Garand headshot damage to 35
  • Changed SKS headshot damage to 31

Click here to read more about this update, what else we’ve been working on, and what we have planned next!

>>>>>>>>>>> AR2 // DEVELOPMENT UPDATE POST <<<<<<<<<<<<


New Cosmetics:

  • Added 13 new hairstyles (these are free, with extra colors available from the paid gamepass)
  • Added French Maid outfit for 500 Robux (three pieces)
  • Added Camo Tank Top (green, pink, purple)
  • Added Highwaist Cargo Pants (green, pink, purple)
  • Added Summer Blouse (green, pink, white, brown)
  • Updated model for Carpenter Belt and Burglar Belt

New Features:

  • Added “auto drive” for vehicles (auto run, but for throttle inputs)
  • Added the ability to compare backpack capacities in the hover-over UI


  • Changed stat loss from jumps to only occur after 3 jumps in “quick” succession
  • Changed the “days survived” stat to read the same as the “days X begins” notification
  • Rewrote the server’s character controller
  • Moved the first person camera “backwards” to improve visibility in first person view
  • Optimized how stat replication to clients works (health, energy, etc.)
  • Completely rewrote how user stats are managed and edited by the game
  • Fixed a bug that was causing user stats (kills, days survived) to reset on rejoin
  • Fixed a visual bug that didn’t display the “frozen” state for full stats (hydration, energy, health)
  • Improved various dated anti-cheat systems and how they report data


  • Increased common infected respawn time by 2-3x (after killing infected, more time must pass before they have a chance to respawn)
  • Increased respawn times for certain unique infected that drop high value firearms
  • Slightly increased distances for infected spawns to be blocked due to a player being too close to the spawner [these changes should make clearing an area of infected feel more meaningful if players stay nearby]
  • Added dirty hair textures for some infected [this is partial implementation, we have more work to do]
  • Completely rewrote the infected physics system
  • Removed distributed physics and load balancing systems
  • Adjusted latency compensation systems for the infected
  • Optimized spawning, despawning, and target finding systems
  • Implemented various random stat generation systems (infected stats should have slightly more variation in movement)
  • Rebalanced infected behavior and movement stats in conjunction with physics system changes
  • Fixed an issue where the “agro status” UI for infected was not displaying the gradient transition.

Loot & Map:

  • Increased capacity of Drawstring bags to 24
  • Rebalanced spawn rates of common backpack loot pools to make 32 bags more common
  • Fixed random event loot-hitboxes being blocked by the event-model geometry (now the hover-over interact UI should be more consistent for containers)
  • Updated colors of most weapon cases and high-value loot containers to better indicate their potential contents
  • Rebalanced firearms drops for some loot pools, in conjunction with container changes:
    • Police stations now have two tiers of container spawns. Thin black weapon cases now include the Mini-14, M16A2, Maverick Tactical, and 788 Carbine. Higher-tier police firearms now spawn in thin green cases, and include the SPAS-12, AC-556, M14 DMR, and MP5. Depending on the police station, only 1-3 of these high-tier spawns will be present.
    • Military locations now have two tiers of containers spawns. Thin green weapon cases will only spawn the M16A2 or M14 DMR. Large green weapon cases may spawn either firearm, and/or the M249. This means the M249 will only have a chance to spawn in large weapon cases.
    • Other thin weapon cases that are not tied to police or military spawns, now have distinct colors to help distinguish them. These cases spawn a variety of firearms depending on their location and color, to some extent.


  • Added the ability to break specific parts of vehicles using melees (used to be just body hits)
  • Single hit weapons can now break windows in the same hit hey deal damage to a target
  • Rewrote client and server melee hit registration systems
  • Fixed various bugs involving the multi-hit-per-attack system
  • Fixed a number of hit registration issues with the infected
  • Fixed an issue that caused melees to “stop” early, contributing to “bad-feeling” hit registration


  • Renamed “Lighting” setting to “Lighting Quality”
  • Added “Lighting Smoothness” setting that adjusts the update-rate of lighting
  • Ultra = unlocked FPS / every frame
  • High = 30 FPS
  • Medium = 2 FPS
  • Low = every 5 seconds

VIP Servers:

  • Fixed areas where the boundary wall was not portrayed correctly
  • Updated structures in to be more in-line with main game counterpart
  • Swapped out Santa’s Workshop to be the 2022 Holiday Event model, with minor edits for player combat flow


  • Added a background to the avatar card in the creator to increase visibility
  • Corpses now animate client side, fixing the “it froze before falling over” bug
  • Optimized various loading systems - getting into the game is now a little quicker
  • Removed the last of the image-based icons for game items, such as hairstyles (all viewportframes now)
  • Fixed the creator camera not panning when the mouse was over a button
  • Fixed rare cases with FPS unlockers that caused the camera system to get out of sync