Appeal Your Ban for Trick or Treat! and Public Offense Punishments List

I truly hope no-one ever has to use this (just don’t hack!) but here it is, just in case.

(play here → Trick or Treat! - Roblox <-)


You think you’ve been banned unfairly? (not kicked, to check the difference, try rejoining the game.) You can appeal your bans in multiple different ways:

Option 1 - Roblox
The only option for users under 13, sorry guys. For this one, send me a friend request AND a follow so I know you are ban appealing, and you can appeal your ban through the friend chat.

Option 2 - DevForum
Just DM me with the criteria below.

Option 3 - there is none. I don’t have discord

What we want to hear
We don’t want to here “unban me pls or i dislike,” we will not give you back permission to join. So tell us this:

  • Why you were banned
  • Who banned you
  • Why you think it’s unfair

We can get you unbanned if we find the banning was unfair, or simply a kickable offense (see bottom of page).

Public Offense Punishments

  • Hacking - perm ban
  • Sharing exploits/glitches that give you extra candy, stats, etc without DMing OhSnapItsDean or Ty_IsHomeschooled/publicly sharing them - 3-day ban
  • Chat bypassing swear words, racial and homophobic slurs, or inappropriate content/online dating - perm ban
  • Chat bypassing numbers with malicious intent/intent to share personal info - perm ban
  • Continually annoying people when asked to stop - kick
  • Insulting people - kick
  • Annoying people - warning
  • Asking for admin/candy - warning, kick second offense
  • Chat bypassing numbers to show simple numbers such as how much candy that house gives you: cumulative warning (3 strikes and you’re out [kicked])

This concludes the ban appeal and public offense punishments list