My first game that I actually spent time scripting on

I scripted and built a little, and my brother (less than 10) did the building. Here’s the link:
Trick or Treat! - Roblox and any feedback would be appreciated!(bugs, things to make it better, etc.) I used to only make games that were a little lazy,lots of free models, almost no coding. This time I spent some time actually scripting and working out the bugs (even though it was frustrating) so playing will really help me out! Thanks.

EDIT: MAYDAY MAYDAY! DATASTORE SCRIPT WAS NOT TURNED ON! Luckily nobody bought any dev products, if they did of course I would have given their product back. It’s all good now! :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Not sure if anyone noticed but I have two bulletin board posts about the game now. Newest update: Trick or Treat! Update Log
Ban appeals: Appeal Your Ban for Trick or Treat! and Public Offense Punishments List

Also we just added a badge and have been advertising off and on for a while now! :smiley:


I see a lot of potential in your younger brother. The buildings are really good, especially for someone as young as your little brother. I see success with the development industry in his future. I would guess that the scripting is good, but I can’t see it, so I wouldn’t know. I am trash at scripting so any scripting to me is a bit impressive.


The scripting is nice, the building could be improved (good enough for a -10 y.o) and maybe lighting, the GUI is pretty bland and add some instructions to the game, I was personally confused at first.


For someone who is 10 years old, the building is really nice!
The game is pretty good on the other hand, but the UI could be improved.

Alright, thanks for the feedback everyone! UI is not my strong suit, but I will try to improve it for sure (especially the “purchase candy” area)

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wow! im really impressed, first of all im so impressed with the scripting, and for a ten year old your brothers builds are really good! Id recommend maybe adding a bit more to details to the buildings, and roundify the uis, and make them more of a spooky halloween theme! Your game really has front page potential! :smiley:

Edit: Also if you’d like when you knock on the door and the avatars image comes up I would be happy to make a transparent gfx for free, or I’d be happy to model some things for free too!

Another edit: The costumes arent working, I got 50 candy but it wouldnt let me buy it


Oops! I forgot to change them, they are: 100, 200, 300 candy. Sorry! I will definitely fix that!

Edit:Thanks for the offer, but I would like to keep this a duo. I will consider for future projects, however!

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Very nice game!

  • Few changes

  • I would make the Gui’s look a little better.

  • Make the game R6

Other than those changes the game looks great! I love the music and everything.

I bought access to Polo Park but the gate did not open. Fred’s stairs looked a little strange. The buy candy screen is just a white background with a few buttons. The game was fun, but it could be improved.

  1. Did you try pushing the button again? The button works for me.
  2. My less-than-10 year old brother built this and it’s the only thing he talks about, I don’t have the heart to get rid of them
  3. I’m improving that in the next update, which is probably in a few days.

I could improve the UI and build a new area with new homes and do a lot more scripting, with effects and other stuff.

Really good and fun. I seriously hope you advertise it in the future. Work on detailing the buildings, as to me, personally, that the buildings look like they are from 2014 or 2015. Good luck.

Also, do you mind if I make my own version of this game free to use?

I’m not sure if you noticed this, but we’re working on a new neighborhood at the end of the road of the first one. There was a red archway and an invisible barrier blocking it off. Also, I noticed the main feedback note is the UI. I’ll work on that right now.

I think it’s a good game, you both work well. My problem is it really pay to win. Also, the GUI’s could be improved, and the builds (It’s good for a 10 year old)

Thanks for the feedback, but unless you are talking about the leaderboards, I can’t see how it is pay-to-win. Simulators are basically single-player games in a multiplayer server. The actions of other people do nothing to affect you. Now, if this was a PVP simulator, yes I would totally agree. But there isn’t much other people can do to affect you on our game, so this is why I disagree that it is a P2W game.

I respect your opinion though.

Well, there is a leaderboard, and you can pay for the candy. So people who want to work and grind the game will just get stomped on by the people who just pay. That’s what I mean.

Okay, I do kind of agree. I will say, though, that leaderboards are excellent means of generating revenue and catching hackers. I understand that this is a common argument against P2W leaderboards, but at least it doesn’t affect the game as directly as a PVP arena type game.

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Wait how is this PvP? I played and didn’t find any PvP. also, this is no hate but maybe work on the thumbnails! The cherry on top!

No, what I’m saying is this isn’t as directly affected as one of those, I don’t have a PVP arena. yet, im toying with the idea