Application Center

Hello, I was wondering on I could script something where someone types a number and presses submit. Then admins join a separate game and that game shows the person’s user and their number or text they put in. Just like an application center. How would I connect 2 games like that with also making admins see their application while people being able to submit applications? I’m on phone so it might take me time to respond. Thanks

discord apis? im not sure if they still blocked roblox doe.

Can you describe what you’re trying to do in a little more detail?

What is an “application center”?

Are the two users online at the same time, or do you need to store the data?

How quickly does the data need to appear on the admin’s computer after the user types it in?

application centers is like, answering question then they rank you up

Well I want the admins to join the game and see everyone’s apps submitted. Where the admins MANUALLY accept or decline apps

did you check devforum?
(edit: u only can do it with discord apis)

Could you not just store all the applications inside of a datastore (save the questions and stuff inside of an array) and then have an section on the app game where only admins can see where it lists all the entries in the datastore (can do this via DataStore:ListKeysAsync to get the keys and then you can just get the entry from the Key - All of them may not be able to load right away depending on how many apps you have).

You could then just have a button which says accept or decline where if you click accept it will rank the user (will need to use a proxy due to Roblox not allowing API requests directly from game servers) and then remove the application from the database or if they click the decline it will just remove the application from the database.

Or you could Just do what @pumpkyrofl said about doing it with Discord via webhooks and then using a Discord OR just make the Discord bot post the application rather then a webhook. If you choose this option you will very likely need to store it using an datastore anyways and use the OpenCloud to view the app or use a service like mongo db database and then just get it via the Discord bot when someone like clicks a button in Discord on the message. (think if you want to interact Discord stuff from Roblox you need to use a proxy due to Discord banning requests from web servers however I am unsure if this ban is still in affect).