Apply Studio Place Archiving to the Publish Place List

As a developer it’s currently cumbersome to publish older places as the publish window in studio sorts them from newest to oldest. As an older developer with over 150 places it’s quite a long list.

I’m blessed with a larger monitor so I can resize the publish window, but even then the place I want to publish to is slowly being pushed out of immediate focus.

Recently we got an archiving feature in Studio that allows us to clean up the places we see. Following my example again I can condense my places list into:

Quite a bit smaller and far easier to work with.

If roblox was to apply the place archiving to the Publish window it would clean up a huge amount of clutter that developer currently have to sort through to accurately publish their places. Similar to how the studio landing page has an archive tab the publish place window could have an archive tab beside Group Places tab so the places aren’t totally lost.


I’m sure you haven’t seen this post, but you’ll be very pleased to know that @nsgriff has confirmed there are plans in place to hide game archiving on the publish window! :smiley:

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I mean, another solution to this problem would be to make it so it sorted them by last modified, rather than by creation date. I honestly hate several of the updates done to the Publish Window & Create page that was done a while back in 2015. And with the advent of Roblox forcibly creating start places for games without a start place it makes this issue much worse. I do not see why Roblox can’t just restore “Last Modified” to the publish window & create page - it would solve this issue & a few other issues.

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This makes a lot of sense for the publish window & am surprise it doesn’t work this way already!

From what I hear, though, they’re remaking it in Lua like they have been with other Studio windows, and will probably make it work that way while doing that.


This is so vital for our team. Adopt Me’s parent group DreamCraft already has over 100 places to scroll through, so we’ve entirely ceased creating new places because it’s becoming unmanageable. It doesn’t help that our production place is at the very bottom of this long scrolling list that doesn’t auto load on scroll.

This is already in flight. Thanks!

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Great to hear! Thanks for the update @nsgriff :slight_smile:

I heard that there were converting this page to Lua and that’s why archived places were still being displayed, but I haven’t heard anything in several months.

Any word on when this change is being made?

It is just a little bit annoying to scroll through hundreds of places I uploaded when I was 11.


It is likely it will be in beta at least very soon.

There is currently a built in plugin that exists with full support for game publishing, however, it isn’t live for usage yet.

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Thank you! I am so eager to have this updated. Tired of scrolling for 10 minutes to update a multi-place game.

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You meddling kids… always getting under my wheel.

This should be coming very soon! Discovered a bug last week, we hope to get this out soon. The only reason this is so delayed is due to dependencies on other projects.