Appropriate for the eyes of Robloxians? [THIRD EDIT]


WARNING: Things on this topic may not be suitable for a younger audience.

So I’m creating this simulator game which I won’t go into much detail about right now but I’ve created these textures. The game is about feeding demons and monsters in Hell.

Edit: When you thought this couldn’t get creepier…


So here is how it works. You have an option to invert its skin so you can see his heart instead. But the face is on by default.

Edit: …I made the mouth move.

The point of this topic was to see if this is okay for Roblox and would it make people leave the game or turn away. Or is it interesting enough to catch the players eye?

Second Edit: Made a new heart backpack.

Heart Backpack Updated

Left = Old
Right = New

Third Edit: So, since the last update I’ve created some other things that need checking out. Food items that will be used to feed said monsters.

Hell's Menu

First we got Human Liver

Next, we got Worm Pie


And finally Maggot Ham



Feedback is needed on the new backpack texture plus the food items.

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I am not sure if the heart-based on is fine under the terms and conditions for gore reasons. The terms of service would cover if it is allowed.


Like Nexus said, I’m not sure about the heart being allowed. If it ends up being though, I personally love the aesthetic you have going on because it is (and I cannot emphasize this enough) horrifying.


Hard to tell, but i do believe it’s still ok to show the heart, i’ve already seen a moving brain in a horror game before with clearly more than 1 million visits. (it was located mid-game, like 8 min of gameplay)

i personally love your current ideas, but you’ll obviously have to end up putting a graphic warning game introduction, and put on a obvious way to tell that this is classified as a horror game.


If you’re dead worried it might not be allowed, consider replacing the graphics with the inside and outside of a robloxian. Something like the C: face with a rendition of a block heart to match.


Judging by TOS? Could be classified as gore. (The heart)

Judging by the ungodly fear these give me? Totally awesome good luck.


You captured the aesthetic you were looking for without a shadow of doubt. Appropriateness? I don’t know. It could easily be too much for younger players.


It’s all about the Audience to your game.

As Roblox is a platform for kids to play (mostly anyway), I recommend removing the eye one or going for a cartoon-horror style (if you want kids to be part of your audience). If you continue with the eye one shown above just note that some will turn away.

Whether you’re aiming for teenagers and turning away from kids is your decision.
I find the eye one a little creepy - creepy can be good for horror games though.


I suggest you instead make a horror game based off of simulators or something like that. It could perhaps be an interesting idea.

To answer your question: I feel an aesthetic like this may turn away many younger players from your game, but I personally like the aesthetic you’re going for. The whole idea about feeding demons and monsters in Hell may be a bit much for younger players too, but as far as I know it is not currently breaking the Terms of Service.
Experiment with this, it’s an interesting concept.


Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way.

These look pretty scary, not sure if that’s your intention or not.
As others have said, the heart is a little more on the gory side, and I suggest making it more cartoon-like. I suggest using a heart shape. (:heart:)

The faces are a bit creepy, but I think they don’t break any rules. Could possibly be too scary for little kids though, especially since it uses real teeth.

Good luck with your project!


Good God, this isn’t what I was expecting when I opened this. Yeah the texture you’ve used for the heart might need changing as they might assume gore was used.

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Actually it was a heart used in Skyrim. But I guess it’s more realistic than I thought.


If you ever need a basis on how much gore you can have, look at a game called BLOODFEST; it’s been featured on xbox several times as well as PC. It has a vast amount of gore, but it’s not photorealistic gore like what’s displayed. If you make it appear less realistic (although still visibly a heart), it would be better.

  • Sexual content or acts, sexual violence, exploitation of any kind, or excessive violence. This includes such content whether or not nudity is involved and whether or not it would rise to level of being pornographic or being explicit

Excessive violence is not allowed. Violence as a concept is allowed, unless you aim for some egregious incident to occur with that human heart. The very act of having a human heart within your game doesn’t ring any bells in regards to the rules on violence. On that note, so long as your game does not transpire into the realm of sexual violence, it’s OK. Disturbing, perhaps, but OK.

By the way, it looks badass.

Also, the backpack on the right is much less repulsive and therefore better, although the one on the left was also acceptable. I feel like most people here are rooting for a grey area but in reality, Roblox’s rules are much more defined than that. As I said, so long as your game is bereft of horrific, disastrous violence, you’re set.



I’m interested. I haven’t seen much like this on the platform. I don’t think you’ll drive away more players than you’d gain for doing something unusual like this. I think provided you avoid egregious gore and violence, this should be fine and is definitely a niche worth exploring.


Looks like something they’d class as gore to me.

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for my opinion this can mark the future of roblox, I love your work are very realistic

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Okay, regarding your edit where you have created a human liver sitting on a plate surrounded by a splatter of blood, that is definitely excessive violence.


I am worried on what else you are going to make, this topic makes my heart hurt…