[archive] How to create a custom character model

I have archived all of my topics created before 2024 due to being outdated or possibly having misinformation.

I made these when I was a lot younger and don’t think they’re very good, so I’ve gone ahead and archived them. You can still read my old topics if you want, but they won’t be of very good quality.

Archived topic

This article is outdated! Please read my updated article.


Thank you! Really appreciate the tutorial! :smiley:


Excellent tutorial, the videos and the words you use are tutorial friendly and I’m sure its more clear for anyone to understand, once again thank you!

Luckily, I ditched the Custom Character Creator since that doesn’t work for me hence why the uploader changed its title to “[Semi Broken]” and instead I got RigEdit Lite which is splendid!


Actually helped a lot thanks for this tutorial, it’s quite straightforward unlike others and tells you exactly what to do.

Although I had to make my HumanoidRootPart Anchored, and the rest not.

Edit: Huh, looks like both actually work the same, at least as far as I see. But in the default r15 rig the HumanoidRootPart is anchored.

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I used humanoid with HumanoidRootPart with collisions enabled, and it doesn’t glitches at all.
Collisions are very important for rigs, if the rig has no collision hitbox, it will glitch (go trough walls, floor, terrain, fall down infinitely, etc.)

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oh ok, thanks for telling me.

the reason the humanoidrootpart is unanchored is because (i think atleast) if dont unanchor it and you put the StarterCharacter into StarterPlayer it will just keep you stuck on the playtest.

im probably going to refine this tutorial in a little bit because right now its a bit messy.

edit: i just made the tutorial a bit less messy and removed a few unnecessary things.

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Usually the head and something else important would be anchored automatically, but still granting the ability to move because of the humanoid, thus; you don’t have to worry about whether to unanchor the head, the humanoidrootpart or not.

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Okay so update once again lmao, you were right.
I’m better off keeping the HumanoidRootPart unanchored since it works in solo playtest, but as soon as I publish the game or open a local test with multiple clients the player is stuck/unable to move.


How would I make a character without the rig. Like just a plain part with movement?

I am pretty sure you need a rig for all animation. (IN ROBLOX)

Well I don’t need animations, I just need the WASD movement.

I think if you just don’t make a rig but still add the humanoid into your StarterCharacter, you should be fine (if that’s what you are asking)

Alright I will try that, thank you.

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This article has been updated. Check it out!