Archived Roblox Messages Disappear


I’m not entirely sure that this is a bug, but basically if you get a roblox message (e.g. when someone accepts a FR) and you archive that message it disappears from your inbox like normal but it doesn’t appear in your archived messages.

Right of erasure message disappeared when archived

Are you using Roblox+?
I know that Roblox+ does this when you archive all, I’m not sure if this happens by default though.


Nope, the only extensions I have are adblock and one other one that displays an items value in $ at cash out rates.


It is only when you get a message from the Roblox account that this appears. I wanted to save my first DevEx message a while back and it was inaccessible afterwards. No plugins at all.


This is still happening. When will this get fixed? I want to archive all of the team create messages I’ve been invited to. :frowning:


This bug is still an issue, when will it be fixed? I archived a bunch of my old messages from Roblox and they just disappeared…


I recently received a right of erasure request from roblox, and accidentally pressed the archive button on the message. Usually this just puts the messaged under the ‘Archive’ tab, however it has disappeared from both my messages and the archive tab. Luckily I have noted down the user id, but if I had not I would have no way of knowing what the ID was and would not be able to fulfill the right of erasure request.

On another note, although it’s understandable why not seeing as this is a right of erasure request, having the user’s previous name to make finding their data more easy would be useful. Currently I will have to manually iterate through 800 datastore entries to ensure that they do not contain this player’s data.


Yet another reason why this bug is an issue, there could be important content in those Roblox messages.


Also been experiencing this bug. Archived all my teamcreate invitations and they’re all gone now.


I literally did exact same thing, I took a screenshot of the message but now its gone