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Where is everything??
We’ve moved to another post. Link: RoCate: A new way of finding quality games - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

This post is confusing, and does not show our true vision for RoCate


The front page isn’t actually all that bad. Everyone on the front page with a genuine game has worked hard for it, and if you want to be on the front page, you must work hard too.

That get taken down quickly.

  1. How exactly will you determine a game as high quality?

  2. What standards do you have?

  3. Is there an age group you’re aiming for?

  4. Isn’t your view on what games are good just personal opinion? What’s stopping from your team from being biased against?


How do you submit if you dont like using discord? You should also add hard obby games like juke’s towers of hell since its really unique


When we release in early January, it’ll be as easy as clicking “submit a game” on the website, filling in some info and then waiting for our expert team of reviewers to make sure it’s up to our standards.

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Not always. Roblox moderation can be quite slow sometimes.

We follow this set of guidelines:

  1. Is the game unique? Is the idea overused? (can differ if game puts a unique spin on such idea)
  2. Does the game use free models?
  3. Is the game reliable? Does it consistently break?
  4. What’s the building and scripting quality like? Does it include meshes, or CSG objects? Does the game include systems that would take a lot of time and effot to make and do they work properly (point 3)?
  5. How often do updates release? Every month? Every week?
    We also make sure the person/studio behind the game have a clean record.

Nope, we want all Roblox players to experiences a better way to find great games.

Multiple people from our team go over the game and all give their opinions. Then it’s voted for by all reviewers and majority wins.

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I disagree - new games (expecially a developer’s first) can have really good quality, but they’ll never take off as they aren’t discovered!
I could have a great game, but I can’t actually attract players to my game!



You might wanna either remove the discord references entirely, or ensure that the player is 13+


Plenty of fun games aren’t unique at all. In fact, many games are so popular and fun that they change the idea from a unique idea to a generic idea.

Plenty of fun games use free models too. If a model has already been created, why would you make it again?

This seems pointless to check to me as game breaking bugs are normally fixed quickly. Often, bugs such as these make them more fun.

Basing a game off of how much time it takes to make is also a bad idea. I know games made in days that are more fun than games that took years to create. Cyberpunk 2077

When does Blood & Iron update? It is practically the same game as it was when it was released years ago. However, it has hundreds of players to this day. (And it is fun, in my opinion.)

This is another way of saying “We make sure only people we like can post games on here”.

The games on the front page are generally fun. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get the hundreds of thousands of players they do. Not only this, but they appeal to a large audience, so it is suitable for the front page. (And, as @Crazedbrick1 mentioned, the developers all worked really hard on them.)

I don’t think this kind of idea is ever going to work unless Roblox make it themselves. (Sorry if it sounds insulting, it’s meant to be constructive.)


This is another way of saying “We make sure only people we like can post games on here”.

How so? If you havent been in good standing in the roblox community then I dont think you should be allowed a spot on there, And no offence, But I dont know how liking someone, And making sure someone has a clean record Corolates?

The games on the front page are generally fun

Definate disagree. A lot of games can get botted, Spam liked, tycoon copy games, Those stupid mobile looking games, Obbies, Its riddled with them.

the developers all worked really hard on them.

Hard disagree. Tycoons and obbies take a snap to make. Yes you get that few games that are good, But a lot are riddled with cash grabs.

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The issue with this is, RoCate wants to be the official alternative for the games page, when really it’s just a curated pick of games recommended by a small group.

It should advertise itself as such.


i seriously think this is a bad idea :slight_smile:, why?

  • First of all most of the players are on mobile so they wont have access to this,
  • Second thing most of the players are kids and wont be coming here,
  • The roblox frontpage is already fair and good so no one should complain about it
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I disagree with this one, the front page are filled with boring games that either you have played so many times that you don’t want to play it anymore or most of the games are genres you don’t like (rp games, simulators, tycoons)

Yes, a kid may say all of these games are welcoming and fun, but people above 13 (espevially adults) have a different interest than kids eventually

If you’re gonna say Roblox is a platform for kids, Roblox claims they “want to expand the age group to not only include kids, but also includes teenagers”

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You’re missing the point entirely. RoCate is for high quality similar to AAA games on Roblox, not what we think are fun games. Generic ideas don’t make good games, even if it’s “fun”. It’s fun for the 8-10 year olds on the platform.

Basically at the moment this is what happens on the player side:
People see the experience people are getting on other game engines and platforms like steam, and move.

And this is what happens on the developer side:
Developers spend months/years creating a high quality game, however they only get 200K ish visits (I’ve seen it before, it’s sad). Then they move to Unity, Unreal or some other engine.

We aim to turn this around and make Roblox viable for older audiences (as well as future younger audiences too), and allow developers to ensure they will get what they deserve.

Answering some other questions about the whole clean record thing:
We have a huge team of reviewers. They all give their opinion for a game and then it’s voted on. This is to ensure we are not biased toward any game. The old catchphrase for RoCate used to actually be “The unbiased way to find high quality games on Roblox”. We’ve ensured it from the start.
Lastly, to clear this up this is a website. We are only using discord as a pre release solution. We are releasing in a few days.

?? The website is cross platform.

I understand, but having bugs for “fun” is not what RoCate is about.

Again, I’m sorry but this isn’t what RoCate is about. Free models mean you haven’t put all the effort you can into your game.

If anyone else has questions, there is a developer document attached.

Thanks and have a great day!
-OneTrackMinded on behalf of TrackTech

This is a very nice tool for finding quality games, and I’m sure it’ll help a lot of devs.

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Following some feedback here, the guidelines have been updated. Read them here: RoCate - Developers Guide - Google Docs

Are you happy with the updated guidelines?
  • Yes!
  • No.

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This doesn’t matter. They still get on the front page in the time period where they haven’t been taken down yet. This process of manually approving games will ensure that no game that doesn’t deserve to be there, gets there.