Are DevForum warnings logged?

The title is self-explanatory, but I would like to ask if DevForum warnings are logged, or if they’re just messages to tell you that, for example, you posted in the wrong category or broke rules in some other way.
I am sure that strikes are logged, but what happens to warnings?


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What is RDF? Also, isn’t forum feedback for discussion about the forum itself?

The post is fine here. OP is not complaining about developer forum moderation and is simply asking if they are logged. And the answer is: yes.

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This is why we tell people not to minimod. DM the author of the post if you’re concerned.

If by warnings you mean flags, yes they are counted internally.


I do not mean flags. I mean those “feedback” messages that you receive as punishment when your post gets moderated.

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They’re the result of flags so yes, they are technically logged.

Most feedback messages will have the DET group CC’d into them likely so they are able to easily search for past messages. Beyond that, I’m not sure if they’re otherwise internally logged.

Feedback messages are only messages informing you about any recent actions and potentially what steps you can take to improve in the future. It’s in the name. This is staff reaching out to you about a recent issue with your post. These are not necessarily representative of strikes though.

Disciplinary action is different from these feedback messages and are actually logged, naturally, on your profile, especially with respect to the flag system. As already mentioned, these flags are counted up internally and can build up into further disciplinary action.

You can read the Broken Rules Matrix to see what actions warrant either a feedback message or disciplinary action (strikes, suspensions or removals), available in the DevForum rules:

Note that not everything is listed here and you should use common sense when gauging something.


Once someone I know got flagged for an off-topic post, and they got a message from staff saying “someone flagged this and it got removed and be careful in the future etc.” Could that count towards a future suspension?

One removal? No. You’ll only be suspended for minor offences if you’re beyond a reasonably doubt intentionally breaking the rules.

Unless you’re getting like 27 feedback messages a week, you’ll be fine.

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That’s a devforum warning. And as @ElliottLMz said, warnings can’t get you strikes/DevForum bans unless you have a giant number of warnings in a short period of time.

You will just get feedback, as the Broken Rules matrix says.

I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that if you get too many flagged posts in a certain amount of days then you’ll get a warning. Kinda like when you spam the Roblox chat in games.