Are fingers allowed in roblox?

Hello. I was wondering are fingers allowed in roblox? Something like this:

NOTE: I did not make that model. It was made by someone else, I would say there name but it unfortunately has a curse word in it. The reason I used the free model was just because i didn’t want to spend time into making the hand if i couldn’t use it. :man_shrugging:

i have a feeling that when my game is reviewed, administrators will think I’m using the hand for inappropriate purposes. Such as doin the "ok hand "symbol :ok_hand: which is censored on roblox and/or the middle finger, which i wont show. So, the question remains, am I allowed to use fingers for a character on roblox? Or will this break roblox’s rules?


I see no reason why not as Shard Seekers and other games have used fingers in their games. Roblox packages also have fingers (although not animated).

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Yes, you are allowed to use fingers. As far as I’m aware of, there are no rules against this, and I’ve seen plenty of games utilitize finger on their characters. Even some morphs(including I think robloxian 3.0) do use fingers. Just try and not misuse them in a way that would break community guidelines(as in inappropriate gestures like you mentioned).

Thats the thing, roblox packages have fingers because roblox made them, but player made is the thing i’m worried about.

I’ll go play the game and see if the fingers they have, are going to be related to what I might make.

Im also trying to make a a Naruto game, but if I do use fingers, will they consider the jitsu gang signs? One of the jitsu are:
I feel like they would consider that gang signs or inappropriate gestures. What do you think?

If this is a fictitious gang, then it may slide, but if it in anyone promotes or even references a real gang, then that’s strictly against the rules.

Of course, You can use fingers in your game also some Roblox packages has fingers and example game “Alone” in their characters has fingers too. This will not break the rules don’t worry.

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Ah thanks. It wouldn’t be consider a gang, just a way of doing fantsy-like things. So i’m all in the clear for that part, but not the full question sadly, although people did help, I just need more people to say its okay, so that i would be reassured that I could.

For context. Naruto is an anime based around Jujitsu style fighting. The signs they throw up aren’t directly intended to be gang signs. Think like hand gestures that Jackie Chan night through up prior to kicking some butt.

As far as OP. You should be fine.

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Roblox bundles themselves have fingers on them, so I don’t see why not.

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I don’t see any reason why fingers wouldn’t be allowed unless explicitly applying them inappropriately.

On the note for Naruto hand signs I would maybe just not include any explicit signs if it were to include the middle finger alone. Other than that you should be fine.

Also alongside the other developer replies Roblox does have multiple packages that include fingers and some of the packages made are from fanart so creators themselves included fingers in the bundles.

Hope that answers your concerns if only trusted roblox employees may create fingers and other issues.

Well they are made by ROBLOX, they trust them self’s, but user made, ROBLOX can’t trust everyone.

Roblox moderates users depending on if they broke rules, not for their potential to break rules. If they moderated users based on the latter, everybody would be banned because it is reasonably possible that everybody could swear in-game.

There are no rules against using fingers anywhere in the Roblox rules.

Banning FINGERS is absurd. Nobody would do that. If players can’t do anything bad with the fingers, just use them. They’re fingers! FINGERS!


There are many bad things people could animate with fingers, a reason why ROBLOX Dosent let you animate rthro fingers.

There are also many bad poses someone could make with their character. You don’t see Roblox banning character animation, do you? Also, they don’t let you animate Rthro fingers because they want to stick with R6 and R15, they don’t want to make a new R30 by adding fingers.

They don’t ban character animations but they do ban people who make inappropriate animations. This is off-topic so we probably should stop. :man_shrugging:

I’m sure it would be allowed to have a realistic hand with fingers. Make sure no one makes a reference to any criminal/violent activity. After all, some Rthro characters have hands.

Here’s a little poll on what the community thinks, if less than 60% say it’s allowed, don’t use it. Make sure at least 60% of the community thinks it’s allowed.

Poll here

  • Showing fingers on Roblox is okay, depending on the conditions
  • Showing fingers on Roblox is not okay, and will be referenced to bad things

0 voters

Poll closed: 24 voters, 92% chose it is okay, while 8% say it isn’t.

Feels crazy that we need to have a poll to see if we can use fingers, a basic part of the human (and Robloxian) body, but alright.


I would quote you but is a hidden text. You said rthro characters have fingers, so ROBLOX shouldt trust us. But in the animation editer, when you edit rthro, you can’t animate fingers. I don’t think it’s a sense of them being lazy, but doing it on purpose.

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