Are needles permitted into roblox?

Hey there fellow developers, I am working on some sort of outbreak/border game, and within it I would like to add a product that will allow you to instantly be infected.

After purchase, you’ll receive a tool that is one time usage. There would be an animation for 3 seconds of you injecting yourself with the needle in the arm and then turn into an “infected.”

I understand roblox’s terms is that you are not allowed to use medication/pill usage, but do needles fall under that?


No. Section 3 of the Roblox Community Rules states:

Pills, syringes, or other content representing drug paraphernalia or drug use are not permitted.

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Alrighty, thank you so much! :heart:

You could do a bandage though. Since needles aren’t allowed.

Wait NVM it is to get infected not healed. Maybe a potion?

Unfortunately it isn’t allowed on Roblox. Maybe instead of a needle add a drink? I know it wouldn’t be as cool as a needle but at least they’re doing something to get infected?
Or even something comes along and bites them (if you’re a good scripter and animator.) you can do many things with this but the decision is up to you.
I wish you luck with your journey.

I think they are ok if its a hospital game because some of the Roblox admins have games with needles in them