Are premium payouts a good way to make robux?

Ever since premium payouts was a thing, I’ve always been asking my self this one question; Does premium payouts allow you to make enough robux from your game that has no in-game purchases? If so, is it effective?

This is a question that I would like answered as I am planning on making a huge game that will completely free to play. That means there will be no in-game purchases (this includes developer products, premium-only items, and gamepasses).


Well, that really depends on one thing: Are you getting a strong flow of Premium users?

Certain things, such as benefits for Premium users can help this. However, as you said, you don’t want any Premium only features.

But yes, assuming you’re getting a good amount of Premium users, they’re pretty profitable.


They’ve been much more profitable than I expected upon their release. As Spagetti_07 said, it depends on your game. I don’t have any benefits for premium users implemented, however I’ve almost made 100k robux solely from Premium Payouts since their release.


I got a lot of R$ in the early days of premium payouts because I have premium and it counted me playtesting the game as premium playtime so 100% of the players had premium. I think it got fixed because it didn’t work after a while.


I’m not quite sure you understand what premium payouts is.

Does it give more when you give them premium benefits and allow them to buy premium in-game?

Premium payouts is simple, when premium people play your game you automattically get robux. But you will cash out robux at the end of each month

It does. My game makes a lot more robux from premium payouts then from in game purchases. And that is not because it’s a small game

I think it depends on how good the game is and if people will return to it. The amount of robux from premium payouts depends on playtime, if its for example a story game that you play 1 time you’re better off making gamepasses. Another thing you can do is paid access (not sure how what the formal name is). I wouldn’t rely on premium payouts as the main source of income myself, but thats up to you to decide.

I think they are good, The proportion of Premium to non Premium players can vary depending on games. I find, being a premium player can send premium payouts to my group even though there is never more than 2 people in the game at the same time!

Premium Payouts are definitely a cool feature that helps developers make money. They aren’t a bad way to make money, but if you really want to make money I highly recommend you sell game passes, have IGC (in-game cash), and have in-game purchases for the IGC (in-game cash).

This honestly depends on how many premium players play your game.

oh, i was wrong, sorry for saying wrong stuff, ima delete message right away

I’m not certain everyone gets these results so take what I say with a grain of salt but over multiple projects I’ve received pretty much the same results so I’m pretty sure it’s not just me.

Definitely not. A game I’ve worked on has gotten over 1 million visits and at its peak (which was ~400 concurrent players) we made a couple hundred robux from premium payouts for that day, WAY less than we got from in-game purchases. The average visit length was 10 minutes. I also thought I’d be able to rely on premium payouts but it isn’t nearly enough to recover any robux you spent on advertising let alone profit.

Tl;dr: Don’t rely on it, it makes a small percentage of the amount a decently monetized game would make and won’t be enough to make a profit if you’re spending money on advertising. It’s NO substitution for in-game monetization.