Are Roblox Dating Sims Allowed? (Singleplayer)

I was hoping to ask a question that covers a somewhat forbidden topic on roblox.

Are Roblox dating sims allowed?

The dating sim would work by you progressing through stories with made up characters.

I’ve searched through the rules, and it seems as though as long as it isn’t online dating it should be fine?
What are your thoughts on it and do you think it would be allowed?
I think that it would be allowed as long as it doesn’t go any further than Kissing someone’s cheek.
It would have to be what you would at most expect from a relationship between two very young children in terms of interaction between each other.

Any thoughts or concerns you have that might make this not allowed?

What if we turn the idea into a Friendship sim. You develop friendships with made up character without the dating aspect of things. Would that be fine?

Dating other players in roblox is what they are trying to avoid. However dating in general is not wrong. They just don’t allow players to use roblox as a means of dating other players. A Dating simulator with made up characters and innocent relationships that teach education in healthy dating relationships as well as providing a healthy mindset shouldn’t be a problem with what they’re trying to combat.

Also there is evidence that in Japan (Where dating sims are very popular), people prefer Dating sims to dating in general, which means this wouldn’t be likely to cause feelings to online date.

  1. The name would be filtered.
  2. There would be Oders
  3. Just dont do it.

No, online dating is not tolerated.


You wouldn’t be online dating, you’d be playing with only NPC’s through a storyline

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It’s a singleplayer game, not multiplayer

No offense but, what kind of question is this? Of course it’s not allowed…


Honestly I don’t know. But don’t risk it fellow developer. :slightly_smiling_face:

It doesn’t matter. Anything having to do with dating is prohibited.


So your saying you would be dating bots

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Yeah, that is what a Dating Sim is

Then what if it were just forging relationships with NPC’s but not using anything like actually dating

Like a Friendship Sim, that wouldn’t be considered dating but could still envoke the same kind of engagement feelings

You are still breaking the spirit of the rules though, just don’t do it. You might encourage younger players to follow the footsteps of the game and they might want to look for dating partners to replicate your game story.


I’m sorry but this, is just not allowed its literally Dating im sorry but why did you even create this?

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How is it breaking the rules? It isn’t online dating nor does it support online dating or real dating. It’s a simulation.

That would be like saying if players play Jailbreak they are more likely to try and rob a bank in real life


Then on the other hand, would something like a Friendship sim be tolerated? It would be everything a dating sim is except as friendships instead, without going into anything dating related.

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I would assume a friendship sim would be allowed.

It wouldn’t be called “Dating sim” btw, Dating sims are a genre of game very popular in Japan.

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It doesn’t matter, it is still dating, and you still are breaking the spirit of the rules.

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