Are there new "kits" for tycoon games?

I made a post similar to this a while ago however I’ve noticed an influx of these tycoon games:

Ice Factory Tycoon

Gumball Factory Tycoon

These games are obviously inspired by the very old Fruit Juice Tycoon, which was recently remastered ([UPDATE] Fruit Juice Tycoon: Refreshed - Roblox)

But, are there any kits that are similar to this? There are a ton of similarities between Gumball Tycoon and Ice Factory Tycoon and the UI’s have the exact same layout too.

I have also noticed another tycoon type with the same similarities, however haven’t been able to find anything in the toolbox. Anyone know?


Could be the same studio who was commissioned.

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Maybe, but there’s a lot of them out there.

Could it be this? A very advanced Kit for Tycoons | Ruixey's Tycoonkit

Don’t think so, it seems to be a different sort of tycoon that changes the item as it goes along the path. It may be a version of that kit but altered?


it is basically a way better version of Zeds kit, but I will make a kit for this “new” kind of tycoon soon


The kit is probably the same one but forked. I’m working on a tycoon kit myself, but it’s not really a “kit” yet (but I plan to release it so others can use it).

The tycoon kit they’re probably using costs Robux to insert into the game.


Since I work on it, can say this
Fruit Juice Tycoon refreshed uses a custom system (although not the best at its job), the others not so sure, but most likely custom aswell, as how it works is fairly simple