Are VIP servers working properly?

I have a lobby place for my game that allows for the use of VIP servers.

If you join the place by joining through a vip server, the game is able to detect which VIP server it is with the game.VIPServerId property.

What I am trying to do is immediately teleport players who join the place through a vip server, to a reserved server of the place for other game related reasons. So I have the vip server create a reserved server for the place, and then teleport players to that reserved server.

The reserved server also has a game.VIPServerId?!?!? This causes vip servers to make a new reserved server and teleport the players to it and then repeat because each reserved server thinks it is a vip server too.

What do I do to recognize the difference between a natural server, a vip server, and a reserved server? This looks very much like a bug, but maybe it was intended for some usecase?

Help and understanding appreciated!

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(from here)

In other words:

Server Type VIPServerId ~= "" VIPServerOwnerId ~= 0
VIP Server :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Reserved Server :white_check_mark:
Regular Server

Thanks a ton!

Can we document this on the wiki somewhere? @UristMcSparks

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Does anyone know if you can teleport players to a VIPServerId as if it is a reserved server id? If you could, it would allow me to not have a vip server redirect players to a reserved server immediately after they join.

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