Are we unable to check how many server instances there are with HTTP anymore?

So I’m trying to put together a server list for a game of mine, but every way I go it keeps returning “HTTP 403 (Forbidden)”. I’m using the V1 API documentation here:

Are we not allowed to use this method anymore? Thanks in advanced!

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Roblox blocked access to their apis from scripts, you need to use a proxy. take roproxy as one.

im already using one though…

EDIT: I’m using roproxy to display current active users in the game already, but it seems it doesn’t work for trying to get active game instances?

im not trying to get active players, im trying to get active servers.

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This can help.

After going through and using the method provided, “HTTP 403 (Forbidden)” still gets returned.

That means the proxy you’re using is blocking access to that api, you’ll have to use another one or make your own.

but then why can i still get the active players endpoint then? can a proxy be able to use one part of an API and not another?

im using roproxy btw

roproxy blocked this api because it was being used by apps for malicious purposes. you can create your own or use another one.

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