Are you allowed to let players draw in your game?

It seems like a blank space, it can easily create tons of people with the intent only to draw inappropriate images but on the other end it can make for some interesting game ideas. I’m wondering if it’s allowed to allow players this kind of freedom.

When I asked other developers, they said it has to be moderated in some way but I know for a fact there’s been places like Sandbox who have no trouble with this kind of thing (allowing players to create with that much freedom). I only want to make sure that I don’t waste my time making a game just for it to be moderated by ROBLOX.

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There is no rule against this, it is perfectly allowed. Please give players a way to vote that the drawn image is innapropriate or something, and to clean it because of that.

Edit: You could give players a report accuracy store if you really wanted to put some effort in, and use some game developer moderation initially to figure out how accurate a report is, then you could trust more accurately reporting players more, much as the Roblox moderation system does, and allow players to appeal abuse of the system to report drawn images that are not innapropriate.


You are allowed to do this, there are no rules against this to the inability to reliably filter it.

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Like both of the above replies say, yes you’re allowed to allow players to draw.

It’s a good idea to have a report system though, if you would like help setting up one that uses webhooks, you can message me and I’ll be glad to help :^)


Yeah I know how to use webhooks, thank you for the offer anyway!

Not entirely sure if this is possible however if it is I recommend determining all possible inappropriate drawing combinations ahead of time. Afterwards blacklist all inappropriate drawing combos you can come up with.

I’ve been thinking and maybe have an automatic system to where if a certain combination is flagged enough it will be automatically blacklisted.

A game where you draw words as pictures on a whiteboard got featured recently so I assume it’s fine.