Area 51 Project [reopened]

Alright I think it’s obvious that Roblox needs a Area 51 raid game. Imagine how fun it would be to turn this sensational meme into reality.

The goal of this project is to make a fun meme that is completely playable with a full gameplay loop. We basically want to simulate the experience of goat simulator (Sensational hit from 2017). The gamedev experience will rival a game jam format with a strict 48 hour game dev window.


  1. Basically guaranteed front-page
  2. Made in entirely 2 days
  3. Fun Dev group who like memes
  4. Possibility to get your name out there


  1. Probably not too much profit
  2. Will lose popularity in September

Who are we looking for?
A large dev team is an absolute must. We’re looking for creative clashes, differences in vision, and strong personalities. More than anything, everyone must be passionate about memes. There is substantial value to have a large set of creative minds to add and offer something new to the table.

There will be an initial dev team of 5 individuals. The initial dev team will be able to vote on any new member additions. No cap on total number of devs.

This game is for memes, not money. However, since money is fun, every dev will get an equal share of the profits. So if 10 devs, each get 10%.

The team (so far):

  1. @solar_DEV - Scripter + Design
  2. @kenami - Motion Design + Scripter
  3. @Subzeroto - Builder
  4. @aduritewrath - Builder

Applications closed

Join our group:!/about


you are looking for an artist, I would like to work for you

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I have an important question regarding this project.

Will there be naruto runners?


What date will this window be on?
I’m only asking because I’m interested in this to a certain extent but would need to know when you plan on doing it because I still have one more week left of school before the holidays.

Oh, and here’s my portfolio!

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Whipping up a game in 2 days, whew that’s gonna take some hard grinding.

Good luck. :ok_hand:


Of course there will be naruto runners! There has to be!!


I would be happy to join this team. I can build the airport part if you need it, and maybe do some scripting and/or some UI.
If you want to contact me you can DM me on Discord @julian#6666 or message me here.

Edit: Didn’t include my portfolio in the original comment, so here it is:

I think the goal is to assemble the team this week. Start getting a discussion flowing throughout the week. And then the 48 hour dev window starts next weekend. Probably late friday night.

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Sounds like a good plan to me, and I can probably do those hours over the weekend. Might be a little bit intensive and what-not but that works out well. If you’re interested in any of my works, I can spruce something up similar to an Area 51 facility.

You don’t have to be a genius to recreate the old ROBLOX versions of it. :wink:

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I’m not too familiar with the Area 51 raid meme, but storming a highly guarded military facility sounds like something that could get a lot of idiots killed. In the event that that happens it would most likely get your game moderated.

Not trying to be a downer but Roblox has a history of banning memes and real-life events and i wouldn’t want to see all that effort go to waste.


Following off of what maplestick said, this sounds like a lot of fun and a stupidly fun joke to mess around with, but I’m not sure if Roblox would allow the game to happen.

As much as it is tempting to do this, it worries me that Roblox’s moderation will take action on the game.
(Trust me I’d tag along with this game if so.)

Haha it’s been a huge viral thing here in America. Some person made an event on FB to raid Area 51 and save the aliens. It has over a million people saying they’ll participate and tons of associated memes have been popping up on the internet from it.

It’s hard to know what Roblox would do and I appreciate your concerns here. Roblox embraced the meme on their twitter which helps. This is what Roblox posted: “Break into area51 in Jailbreak here”. I think it signals that they’re ok with it? I also think a few disclaimers throughout the game might help. I’ll also get in touch with a few roblox employees and see what they feel about such a project.

The risks associated with this project are somewhat mitigated by the fact that the dev time is only 48 hours. At worst case, we just lose a weekend of work.


I’m still considering joining myself but it just seems risky.


After reading what maplestick said, it does seem a bit risky, but Roblox did embrace the meme on their Twitter, so I doubt they will take much action against the game.


I’ll apply and see what happens I guess (Contacts are in my portfolio below.)

This is one of the most interesting recruitment topics I’ve seen in a while. I’ll be applying since I’m a man of culture as well.

No compensation gang :ok_hand:


I do not think you should do equal share.

Its equal share because its not really for profit as he stated.

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Well maybe it doesn’t suit your style, but the goal of this project is to just get a group of passionate people to make a silly game. Along the way, we will be making jokes, adding silly easter eggs, and goofing around. The end product doesn’t matter; The process does.

The compensation is as simple as possible because the game isn’t about being a cash cow and making mad stacks. It’s just a group of people having fun deving for a few hours together.

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Okay, no hate. Good luck on this project.

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