Arms of the rig bends the wrong way?!

I have been trying to get into Blender Animating but this problem(at least i think it is?!) keeps me
from getting into this.
So the problem is that after i get the rig ready with all the IK constraints for both the legs and arms, arms give me a certain dificulty with how they behave(Luckily no problem with legs tho).

If i grab the IK target bone for the arms and push it up it just bends towards outside instead of elbow going backwards.note : Pole bone is already selected and is the one behind it.

this is how it looks like ;

This is when i push the IK Target bone upwards.


Now for sure idk much about this and this may just be how it should behave but since i have seen nothing on this THING, i had no other choice.

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Select the bone with the IK constraint (so the ones colored in yellow), go to the bone properties, scroll down til you see Inverse Kinematics and make sure the Z axis is locked. This is a problem with how the blender importer auto generates IK so it is recommended for you to make them yourself.


Thanks a lot dude :sweat_smile:, i tried to look this thing up on the internet but nothing came up, thank you so much.