As a Roblox developer it's too hard to copy the id of an animation from

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to an id from the page

Please add an id here instead of including it in the side:

One of the only reasons this page is useful is to grab ids from the page. It feels like this page wasn’t really designed with any user in mind.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would save me about 15 seconds.


In my opinion, this can definitely save time from getting ids to add to your game instead of having to open the asset and copy it from there.
btw, it might be better for this topic to be in website features of Feature Requests, unless if i’m wrong.

To add, this page is designed differently from the other pages, so extensions that customize the browser or this page cannot find the asset id. It’s not in the DOM anywhere convenient, and because for some godforsaken reason Roblox has chosen to use one of those horrid React libraries that drag the CSS into the component itself, it’s absolutely impossible to find anything in the DOM, let alone restyle it or inject anything. This tech choice is anti-user and completely prevents workarounds or user adjustment to support niche workflows.

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Why do you even need to fetch your IDs from…?

If you’re trying to get an animation ID from an animation you own that you need to implement into your game while developing it, just use the Toolbox.

Also, yeah, this would be in Website Features as it is already a “Studio Feature”.

To copy the ID for a user who does not have permission to see group assets, this is useful. As well to make a document containing a list of IDs for a developer team to see.

Ah yea. This is the standard response for this sort of workflow and it’s really frustrating. The toolbox doesn’t have the same accessibility. Even if it did, it’s still nice to have a browser tab, since you can only have one copy of a toolbox open. I don’t think Roblox should be designing exactly one solution to these things.

This is a really cheap engineering change. It would save us a world of frustration. The excuse of X product has this solution is wrong imo. Please just support our workflow!!

Basically, we’re fully aware of the toolbox. The toolbox also has this problem.