Assassin's Journey {Upcoming open-world game with deep story}

Assassin’s Journey

Not all features are final, content is subject to change


You are in Robloxia, a vast land of many different biomes, people, and cultures. Recently, two large groups known as the Knights of Redcliff and Overseers started to fight over territories. Robloxia was split in two, and as an assassin for hire, you can make some serious profit, or fall and be forgotten.


There will be two gamemodes to choose from in the lobby place, Story Mode and Multiplayer Mode. In Story Mode, you can explore the war in Robloxia in a guided story with quests. In Multiplayer Mode, you can PVP with others, and explore the exact same world as Story Mode without having to follow a storyline.


thatguylikepizza - Scripting, project lead, a bit of modelling
EctonNoLimit - UI, some modelling
PizzaArmy333 - Storyline director, marketing
SireHDFury - Animation

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lol sorry there isnt much to show right now

Guaranteed features
  • Assassination when out of combat
  • Position saving
  • Extremely d e e p story
  • Lots of other things from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but ROBLOX themed

In Robloxia, a pantheon of gods is worshipped, like the Greek gods.

Not 100% sure if all of this follows TOS

God of Good Luck, the “head” of all the gods

God of Wisdom

John Doe
God of War

God of building and art

need some more god ideas, if anyone has some drop a reply!

Feel free to give feedback!

Will this game succeed?
  • Yes (Why)
  • No (Why)
  • We will see

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What do you think the age rating should be? (No blood, just death and bodies)
  • All ages (Why)
  • 9+ (Why)
  • 13+ (Why)

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You’ve got a good game idea and you have a set concept as well as the game planned out. That’s good, and that’s a start.

Now, for success, in my opinion, we will see. This seems like its going to be a fairly optimized and well thought out game. However, what I think might happen is, the game is too complex. Now, I would rate this an 8/10 concept in general because I think you know what the game is gonna feel like, and its a somewhat creative concept too. However, I do think it might be a little bit too complex for a majority of the platform.

And in my mind, that is okay, as the community has seen some more complex games which do capture an group of players. It might not be as big as a general game on Roblox, however it could capture a certain group of players if you optimize it well, think out the mechanics, and polish it properly.

As for the age rating, I think 9+ is reasonable given while there is no blood and gore, there is still violence involved in the game.

Overall, I have to say that it does have some potential, but you have to be very precise with what you do.

That ui needs work. IT NEEDS WORK!

How do you think the UI can be improved? Provide more on this please

The ui is quite big and the menu screen takes up the entire screen. there is no equal distance between each edge and between each element. The font is crap. the design you choose is also quite bad

It’s a screen snip, the UI takes 1/4 of the screen. Also, I didnt make the UI, the UI designer did.

well the game is yours isnt it? so tell the ui designer to make a good ui. I can literally make a 100x improved ui in like 1 day. Tell the things i told you above to the ui designer and please tell him to take some inspiration.

If you want to remake assassins creed then hire a better modeler. This aint gonna cut it.

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I agree, the way that your modeling things just really isn’t fitting in… You might want to consider hiring a modeler.