Asset Configuration Page Back Button Incorrectly Passes Parameters For Redirect

When backing out of configuring an asset on[ASSET_ID]/configure

the webpage tries to redirect back to the creations page using the activeTab and groupId parameters in the URL,

but it uses a ? before defining the second parameter (SEE SCREENSHOT), leading to the second parameter (groupId) getting ignored and the end-result is the back button leading to the base-level creations page.


create . roblox . com/dashboard/creations?activeTab=Decal ? groupId=[GROUP_ID]


create . roblox . com/dashboard/creations?activeTab=Decal & groupId=[GROUP_ID]

Page URL:[ASSET_ID]/configure


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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This should now be solved - thank you for the report

Thank you, the back button is now working as expected.

However, the cancel button at the bottom redirects to the correct activeTab, but doesn’t pass any groupId parameter.

(essentially canceling the configuration of a group asset brings you back to your personal asset page, while backing out of it brings you back to the group page as expected)

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This should also now be resolved, thank you!

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