Asset Manager is Here (BACK IN BETA)

I’ve been waiting a while for the asset manager! I do wonder however - is there a way to select multiple things quickly inside of the manager? With files with lots of mesh parts, it can be really tedious to import stuff.


I don’t really see the point of this update it has slowed down my workflow significantly, Everything about it seems designed to make things harder than the original game explorer. The only thing it has going for it is looking slightly better. Inserting meshes is now a huge pain as @PhoenixSigns said those 2 points
are the biggest things that stand out to me as being wrong with this I hope roblox can change the asset manager to have those features.


Seconding what everyone else is saying.
The asset manager has its heart in the right place, but it severely slows down my workflow.

Big Issues:

  • There’s so many clicks to do what was formally scrolling and opening tabs easily
  • The only way to go back through the flow is clicking an arrow
  • I cannot see what LinkedSource scripts I need to manually update (I know they’re deprecated, but this is still a big yikes)
  • All of the assets for the universe aren’t guaranteed to load in the preview window
  • There’s no list view
  • The icons are huge
  • My place names are cut off, the only way to see what they are if I don’t have an icon is to hover over


  • Search option (which I’ll scarcely use)
  • Asset icon previews

The original list format was a lot better, albeit it could’ve used some of these asset icon previews. The current iteration of the asset manager is not viable, and I feel like it should be set back to an opt-in beta feature until it is capable of doing what the game explorer could do.


Suggestion (might have already been mentioned someplace): Give an option which it can be either a drop-down list or large file-like buttons.

Those all just occur when I open a studio place.
There are no errors/feedback when I click the list icon.
Here’s my studio version thinggie:
This is a massive place that I’ve used for all of my meshes for the past two years. Together, I’d guess over 2 thousand meshes.

I’ve been unable to import meshes properly all day since it’s been activated because most meshes don’t show up in the manager window. I’ve gotten it to work, and the assets showed up once out four times I’ve needed to import today, but haven’t really noticed if there’s a pattern or behavior that causes it to fail. At the moment, I can’t import assets because they have not shown up again, and using the toolbox won’t allow me to use the location data.

Side note: it’s been said already, but desperately need a way to select and import multiple meshes at once. When it did work I was still slowed by this!


While this is a step in the right direction, the Game Explorer is preferred for my use case: Car meshing.

The Game Explorer sorted meshes by old-new, which made uploading and inserting 80+ meshes very easy.
However, a lot of my meshes have the same name (to keep organizing the car mesh easy); it will be much harder to find them and insert them with the Asset Manager.

Can we get the option to sort by new?


I prefer old game explorer to be honest, for me the biggest drawback of this asset manager is I am not able to select multiple meshes fast ( like using shift + click or click and select ), all I can do is select them one by one while holding control ( i have no idea if this is a bug for me or this asset manager really works like this ). Also whenever I insert new meshes they get sorted according to their names which is also creating a problem for me, I just uploaded multiple meshes over old ones and now I have to find which one I need and select them then insert them. I really need game explorer back :confused:.


Not a fan of this much, it duplicates my assets and I can’t select all meshes to export at once. Could we please get an option to choose between “Game Explorer” or “Asset Manager”?

Thank you. :smiley:


Where do i find the badges folder? I cant find it in the asset manager, if it’s not there then where is it?

If you tinker with the right files you can resurrect Game Explorer. I don’t know how long this will work for, though, so this isn’t a permanent fix unless you want to permanently use an outdated version of Studio.


It would have been an easier fix if Roblox just added sorting, add folder and a search functionality in the game explorer. I did not have any issues with the game explorer. It looked fine to me.


Is there any chance if you could show me and others how you did that? The Asset Manager is a pain to work with and I prefer the Game Explorer.


My workflow involves importing upwards of 200 meshes at any one time. I don’t have any particular problems with the update itself; things like the filtering and previews seem amazing. However, now that shift + selecting isn’t possible anymore it’s totally impossible for me to work on anything right now and my game will have to do without new content for a short while. I do not have the willpower to individually select hundreds of meshes from my previous model to remove them from my importing place, before selecting all the new ones to insert them into workspace.


This plugin might help hold you over until the asset manager gets patched. Easy Mesh Importer - Roblox (devforum thread: Fast Mesh Importer)

The meshes you import won’t be stored in the asset manager as they’ll be dumped in a model in workspace directly, but odds are you don’t want 200 meshes cluttering your asset manager anyway. A win-win!


I need the gameexplorer back the assetmanager have to many bugs… PLEASE
and i can not select with “tab”…
the sort is not correct …i cant see the newest meshs

This feature is SICK! I wish we could make our own folders and drag things in and out of it from the 3D view or Explorer like we can do with Unity prefabs.

If you’re in the Packages folder, dragging something from the Explorer into the Asset Manager window should be a shortcut for the Convert to Package action. That would be awesome.

It looks great. I don’t like it however because it use to be easy to export a batch of meshes and now I can’t.


Why can’t the asset manager have some sort of option to show all the assets you uploaded to roblox instead of just showing the ones uploaded from that instance of studio?

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Same here, just started up studio and I was blasted with a console filled with errors.

I hate to be that guy, but I don’t think this added anything. Looks were never a problem, it was nice that it was consistent, looked the same as the workspace explorer.
I’m not sure if it was only for me, but it already sorted, maybe not alphabetically but it definitely changed the order after quitting and re-entering studio.
Isn’t the filter just a searchbar? Pretty sure we already had that.
These different view types don’t seem to be there off the bat, it’s not really user friendly if you have to search up how to do it now is it.
The 3D preview is nice I guess.

Edit: Literally the only thing the last editor needed was folders. Who cares about automatic sorting when you can just categorize all of your assets yourself? Yes I know how it is quite rude to say “Your work was pointless, it only made things worse” but it was pretty clear that the old explorer only lacked folders.

Edit2: Also just realized that you can no longer see the “properties” of certain things the Game Explorer had. This is just a downgrade.