Asset Manager is Here (BACK IN BETA)

Yeah and I thought the new leaderboard had a mixed reception, but the only positive feedback I’ve seen here seems to be from people who didn’t use the Game Explorer in the first place.

Roblox seems pretty stubborn when it comes to changes like this, like the leaderboard changes I mentioned. Questions regarding new features and updates on this platform are answered, but only if they aren’t related to asking if we can even temporarily go back to an earlier version.

The tree overview does make it look like there will be subfolder support, but again, it should have been included upon release.

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@rachjumper, not technically. Games have to be public in order to upload the badges. It cannot be archived throughout the game’s status, although you do not have to close the game. The game still needs to be public in order for badges to be filled in.

used to be able to just pop in open in studio and bang bing boom got a badge uploaded, this seems like a step backwards
I don’t want people to see or have access to my game before it’s out, just because I need to upload a bunch of badges


Please allow us to choose whether we want to use Asset Manager or Game Explorer.


This feature was just put back into beta, and the Game Explorer seems to be back?


Hi Everyone,

We heard your feedback and we are reviewing all the issues that you have brought up so we can address them.

In the meantime, we are switching the Asset Manager back to Beta so it will be off by default. You can still turn it on by going to Beta Features (File > Beta Features).

We’ll report back as we address the issues.

Thank you!


the whole thing is an issue… at least SOMETHING is being done


This completely killed my workflow, Happy to see it’s being reverted.


Using it was quite the headache, the icons were large so it was more difficult to see all my assets at once and I had to keep scrolling down which got tedious quick. Nice to see it reverted as of now though.


Thanks for listening to the community.


But why you want to change a running system? #gameexplorer is the best


Happy to have it back, game explorer is fine as it is. The only feature it really needs is an option to create folders to sort meshes/images.


This feature really messed with our workflow as well. It felt like a case of fixing something that wasn’t broken, only to introduce new bugs.

If it’s going to come back, I would like to see the double-click behavior removed from the folders. It feels like it’s trying to emulate the Windows filesystem but it isn’t, so it feels out of place!

(Notice how it shows a click cursor but clicking it only highlights it?)


Bug Report:
I’m getting a bunch of errors when hitting play

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This clearly explains why it’s a terrible idea to use Roact in key functionality and user experience - Roblox’s engine was not built for everything to be running off a huge cluster of a framework.

With the addition of the “recently added” feature towards importing meshes, it’s definitely a step in the right direction towards making the asset manager better. However, I recently had to import a large batch of 120+ meshes, difficulty came when I found out there was a capacity of around 80 meshes to the recently added tab.

I feel like the old game explorer’s strength was that it added meshes in order least recent to most, allowing extremely easy insertion from the tab to the studio, with the new convoluted alphabetical system (albeit helps with organization) it disrupts a lot of people’s workflow because of the lack of a different sorting method. So instead of just sorting alphabetically, perhaps there could be multiple different filtering types namely date and name. (Or tri count, etc)


Hi @nsgriff,
Yesterday I closed the asset manager that opened for some reason and I don’t know how to open it again :frowning:. Could you tell me where to open it ?

Thanks in advance,

Go to view and click asset manager for it to pop up again.

I tried but I don’t see it in the “view” tab.

Oh sorry I just found it :smile: thanks anyway.