Asset Moderation Appeals System

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to appeal asset moderation.

Quite often assets are falsely rejected by the moderation team. The current system for appealing asset moderation is quite terrible overall as it presents many challenges.

Some of those challenges currently being faced are:

  • People not in the DevForum cannot post on category
  • Moderators don’t check the category that often meaning slow response times

My proposed solution is that there should be an official asset moderation appeal system on the Roblox website. This system would allow for all everyone, regardless of being part of the DevForum, to send a simple and fast appeal. Asset moderators would also be in charge of handling these appeals resulting in a much faster response.


1) An “Appeal” button appears on your moderated assets

2) You fill out an appeals form


Will this work as well as the report system?


I agree with @RyIock completely, if we’re going to implement this, could we at least start by fixing the report system AND have better customer service with the roblox emails? (I say this because even if they DO work, I myself do not experience them very well (actually at all), meaning they are not wide enough and effective enough to call them successful.

You can’t expect something similar to them to work if they haven’t. And if Roblox is going to even think about implementing this, I think they better fix their current more important systems.


It’s even better when you post a forum in moderation review about an inappropriate picture on Roblox and they say “Use the report button next time”


They have a new support system:

And you could like use the appeal for contents:

But it going to take like 2-3 days… so :man_shrugging:


There is a definite need for improvements to customer support (perhaps adding support to the Roblox Twitter account, faster responses, etc) along with a better report system.

I would hope Roblox would implement this feature along with other improvements to moderation and customer support.


How exactly do you decide who counts as a developer?

This suggestion has room to be improved on.

When you report a game every day for 7 days for a legitimate reason and it’s still up :confused:


Anyone would be able to use this system.

I used the term “developer” in the original post as it is mostly developers who need this feature since they are affected the most by false asset moderation. I changed the wording of the original post to prevent any future confusion.


There needs to be a quick and easy way to appeal assets. It is a waste of time and resources having to upload the exact same image again for it to be approved, now I need to change all the image IDs in my game too

Having a small appeal button next to the configure button on moderated assets would work well


In the meantime, for devforum members, they can appeal by DMing the Mod_Review_Requests group.
Or use Roblox support. I do agree there should be an easier way to appeal tho, perhaps requiring providing a description as to why you think it should not have been rejected