Roblox's Moderation Needs To Be Fixed

Little known story that me and @BusinessBull had gotten into, back in an old medieval group of ours some guy, I don’t remember the name, got a ton of us either warned or straight up banned for even so much as asking him not to ban any more of us. If I recall correctly you can even still see it in our moderation history if somebody has the ability to check it. I’m not sure what the hell happened but to this day I’ve held quite a negative opinion of the moderation system. He was not a moderator himself which makes me believe he was connected to one.

EDIT: If you’re an admin or somebody looking over this, feel free to contact me, I’m willing to talk.


It would also be very nice to have the ability to view our own moderation history again.


There should honestly be a point based reputation-like system on Roblox.
Comes with titles too!


This is why Roblox has a historically known bad moderation system. If we are vetted already to get into the dev forums and even sign contracts with the company for exclusive programs, why are we banned faster than bots where no solutions are being rolled out this whole time.


yeah the whole bot thing is insane. been awhile since I registered a new account but you think a captcha might work?


I believe Roblox needs additional safety checks before banning any users and not just for developers or high profile users. Although, the current moderation system definitely needs to be fixed as it is hurting the user experience of everyone!

Personally, I believe that Roblox needs an appeals system for asset moderation on the website itself (Asset Moderation Appeals System).


The entire moderation system is honestly corrupt. And I’ve seen posts about this years ago, months ago, weeks ago, days ago, and for some reason the staff never seems to bother. Are they already working on this or are they choosing to be silent about it. We want answers!!


I kindly disagree, these sort of systems could only make things worse the way things are now.


It reminds me of that new point system in China I heard about.


Exactly what I was thinking. It’s us devs who make the games for the people to play. You’d think they would care about us a bit more but nope. Out of the blue you could be terminated just for uploading a certain audio, or even a decal.


The real question is, when will they start?


The only thing I dislike is the fact that when you get terminated you lose everything. Limiteds, groups, posts, etc.


I agree 100% of what has been said on this post. These moderation events have impacted me from DevExing this month and have prevented me from being able to communicate with and work with those I am working for. The current incident I am ending experiencing which is releated to the audio ban is here:


While thankfully I haven’t been banned yet, I’m sure you’ve all seen the obnoxious amount of moderation review threads I’m forced to post. Moderation is such a roadblock towards my development.

Even as an Incubator at Roblox, I still get harmless game assets rejected all the time. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like for fledgling developers who don’t have the moderation review requests process to go through or for the pour souls that get incorrectly banned and have no recourse but the appeals email line.

Hoping for change :cry:


I’m sorry, how exactly has it gotten better? This is the second time this year that users are being mass terminated by a faulty, clearly rushed algorithm. Why does the moderation team never seem to understand what is going on with their system? It’s always a ‘mistake’ with no explanation ever to how they let it happen. Things like this are what make Roblox seem unprofessional.

What’s happening this year with moderations is the two worst situations (plugin and audio bans) I’ve personally heard of in Roblox’s history. It seems like moderations are getting worse, and it’s not like this is just a small mistake.

This is a huge issue and for Roblox to be taken seriously, they need to take their developers more seriously, and in this case their whole playerbase. How can this be going on for days with no proper response? What are they doing to fix the issue? Why are users still banned and terminated when it’s clear they know about the issue now?


Roblox needs to do something about the moderation system ASAP. If what the mods say about moderation being done by humans is true, then something as simple as banning, warning, or terminating players shouldn’t be the number 1 priority that it seems to be! Mistakes can be made, sure, but something like these examples are more than just mistakes. Bad moderation like this, regardless of human work or AI work, cannot be tolerated!


Wonder what would happen if all the front page games closed themselves for a day in protest, they would probably get banned for a made up reason with how bad the moderation system is at this point.


I side with you on this, Cindering.

I am absolutely clueless on why the system is this way. I don’t even have a guess to it, which is generally something I can do. I’ve actually started to worry that if a user were to target my account, I could be terminated because they try to do a bunch of receipt validations.

The last thing I want is the danger and fear of losing everything on my account as a result of incorrect moderation. The losses would be beyond anything I’ve ever accumulated anywhere else.

The best way to fix this? Communication! This idea goes in closely with Reply #3.


I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationship with Roblox, but rarely I’ll get a nonsense ban and appeals just ignores it so I’m stuck banned for 3 days despite being a developer who devexes with roblox frequently.


Can we get a staff response on this topic, just once? I’m kind of sick of hearing “We’re working on it” - I want to know why it is this bad in the first place.