AssetTypeId page is gone, I need an AssetTypeId list!

So today I was coding a music system script which lets players input their own music too. When I wanted to check their asset IDs to see if they are really music, I didn’t know what to do so I just checked Roblox Wiki.

Roblox Wiki partially helped, telling me something called “AssetTypeId” exists and that I can find IDs in here. But the thing is, that page does not exist anymore…

So, can someone get me the AssetTypeId list, please?

I assume you are referring to this page?

Roblox is transitioning the Wiki to the site. In the process, it seems like some things have been removed from the Wiki before they’ve been added to the new site. The current correlating page does not have the same info as the old Wiki.

So I have no idea what the types are. Maybe @Maximum_ADHD could help?

We decided it was redundant to have an article reference page for it because we have an enum page for it:

The value column specifies the corresponding AssetTypeId.
I will make sure this wiki page redirects to the enum page on the devhub.


I was able to find it on the new wiki:

They are not 1-to-1. A few items on the first page (e.g. YouTubeMediaItem and Arms) are not in the AssetType Enum.

@baublebi Providing the old API Class pages has been super useful while the new version is being improved to a usable format, but the lack of 1-to-1 parity between the old wiki and new wiki is still causing a ton of problems. In addition to this thread, there have been a number of documentation issues where developers have been unable to find resources on the new wiki:

Any time “Content no longer available” gets displayed is not good enough. These should all redirect to the equivalent pages on the new dev hub, and until that’s the case, the “content no longer available” should be removed.


Hmmm. Maybe we should add that into the enum.

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I will have datatype pages up for these very soon.


Thanks! Please make sure the old links redirect too, as they can be found hard-linked on the devforum, user posts on Roblox, Google search, and third-party sites. Hopeful that we can disable the “resource no longer available” still, as any time that page is hit, it’s a failure to redirect or not having the equivalent page available, and this should not impact developers.

You can look at traffic to find these pages automatically and tackle on a case-by-case basis over time instead of waiting for someone to complain that they can’t access something, and them having to potentially wait days to a week for it to become available again.


I agree, it is a bit cumbersome. We did analyze the traffic of these pages when we were deciding which articles to migrate. I believe those enum pages were accidentally missed by me because I was planning to integrate them as datatype pages in the first place, but I got caught up with other tasks and it slipped off my radar. I really do appreciate you guys bringing up these quirks and issues, we want to get the devhub into good shape as soon as we can, and fixing migration issues like these remains a high priority.


This is nice, but doesn’t change the fact that there will always be content that’s missed. The “Content not available” screen is detrimental to developers (blocking work because it’s impossible to access specific content), and provides no real advantage to Roblox. It doesn’t even direct traffic to the dev hub because the page I need doesn’t exist on the dev hub.

Because there’s no benefit to blocking developers from accessing important content, the “content not available” should be nuked. Immediately. From orbit. Any time someone internally asks “but we want to direct traffic!”, the answer is: make a redirect. If the page doesn’t exist on the dev hub yet, then there’s no point in blocking access since there’s nothing on the dev hub to direct traffic to. The old wiki will naturally disappear over time without interfering with anyone’s workflow.