Assistance With A Mesh Conundrum

1, I wanna edit this mesh so that it’s filled and not hollow ('cause the shadows it produces tank the frames) RenderMesh - Roblox
2, Whenever I port this into blender the lighting and material becomes weird and I want to fix that so when I port it back to Roblox it reflects like it did originally.

For the record I know (on the most basic of levels) how to use blender and could probably do the first part myself with a bit of research on how to get solid shapes. The lighting, though, is a different story.

All I know is in Blender Edit mode, you can press a button that’s called Shade Smooth which will fix the lighting.

Not sure how to fill an empty space though.

Doing the smooth shading didn’t seem to do anything. The shading of the mesh looks flat and only shows color, like this.

It appears that when exporting the mesh via studio the .obj file mesh has the preferred lighting compared to downloading it from the website. That basically solves my lighting problem.

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