Assisting Small Clothing Designers

As we all know, there was an update that :clap: nobody :clap: asked :clap: for. Either way, this update is harming smaller designers. If you have absolutely no clue on what I’m talking about, feel free to read Upcoming Changes to Avatar Catalog Upload Requirements.

Recently, some groups have been changing their prices so they earn more when someone purchases, this includes larger groups aswell. One of the larger clothing groups, eyriest, is giving back to smaller clothing designers in their event. I’ve decided to continue to help the community by buying Smaller Designer’s pieces.

Here are the requirements for submitting:

  • Less than 5k members in your group
  • Does not have a very pricey limited on
  • Has clothing pieces in the group (or at least a donation shirt)
  • Non-copied clothing (I can tell)

When submitting, either send a few of the pieces you want me to buy (up to 5) or just send your group/homestores’ link. If you have any questions, feel free to message me!


The problem with asking people to not have a limited on could just move people to remove their limited for a short period of time so you’ll purchase their clothing. This might be a way to get around your rules, just letting you know


Nice initiative for clothing designers , well done :+1:


I’m not a clothing designer but the update is not gonna do well for anybody here’s my theory
.Less premium players = Less premium payouts for devs
.Less smaller clothing Designers
.Roblox will start to lose money

It’s nice to see someone sticking out for the smaller designers and are spending their hard earned money on them



Yea, I’m aware of that. Thank you.