Upcoming Changes to Avatar Catalog Upload Requirements


Early next year, we will be making a change to the upload requirements for custom Avatar Shop items such as shirts and pants. Previously, you were only required to have Premium in order to upload an item to the Avatar Shop.

With this upcoming change, creators will no longer be required to have Premium, but will instead pay a Robux fee for each item at the time of upload (for t-shirts: when it is first put on sale). The experience will be similar to audio upload, where you will be shown the price and asked to confirm your purchase. The purpose of this change is to discourage item upload abuse and we hope that this will lead to a better Shop experience for both shoppers and creators.

This adjustment comes along with other recent spam reduction efforts (such as the addition of a captcha requirement on some uploads) and we are working on additional features which will improve the clothing market experience as a whole!

Note: Testing via Studio

We will also be providing instructions on how to test and iterate on new items within Studio. By testing via Studio, you won’t need to worry about uploading to the Avatar Shop until final design is ready.

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to launching this.

Thank you.

Update Jan 20, 2021 - Partial Roll Out


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I can finally be able to upload clothes. Finally! Clothing design is no longer locked behind Premium. I am totally fine with an upload/sell fee, just as long as it doesn’t need Premium.

Premium was the one thing that you couldn’t earn- as a developer you can earn Robux from scratch but not Premium. I can’t stress the importance of this update.

I predict some will be upset with the introduction of a fee, but I feel it is necessary to stop the insane botting and stealing problem that currently bloats the catalog.

In addition, a captcha to upload is fantastic. All of these updates are fantastic. My goodness!

I love this pattern of Roblox breaking down Premium barriers. It corresponds with the other Unified Marketplace Fee changes. Apparently this was also hinted at in an accidental change less than 24 hours ago.



Why isn’t the Robux fee always applied on moment of (first) putting it for sale, rather than upload? Why is it different for T-shirts?


Fantastic Update! I can surely see how this’ll make the Catalog clean & give the Clothing Designers a higher chance of being noticed! Super hyped about this!

Although, somethings which worries me & am concerned about is that, say you own a clothing group, and it’s very small, you have some designers who will be making clothing’s for ya but the thing is, will those Designers have to pay 100 robux fee every single time they try to upload a clothing to the group? Or will there be another way through this?

Anyhow, nonetheless, looking forward for this update & end the bot’s for good!


As a small developer, you barely even make robux off of clothes, and to have to pay to upload them is outrageous. Premium in itself wasn’t a cheap price to pay, but this is too much.


Wow. I guess this wasn’t a coincidence after all.

To be honest, I’m not completely sure how to feel about this update. I mean, it definitely has its pros and cons.

First of all, I am so glad that you guys addressed the spam clothing. It’s extremely annoying for me to have to sift through tons of shirt copies before getting to the right one. It’s also hurtful to original and talented clothing designers, who spend hours on templates just to have them stolen. A nice, clean clothing catalog would definitely be pretty to look at.

Although, this does create confusion on how to calculate profit and deductions. Will there still be a marketplace fee if we have to pay to upload clothing? What about for Premium users? What about for clothing groups? Also, is the upfront payment going to vary, or is it a fixed price? For those who already have clothing up for sale, how will the deductions be taken? What if they can’t afford it?

I completely agree with @chainedrxses. Small developers with small budgets can barely make a profit off of anything, whether it be clothes, games, or whatever, really. You’ve already restricted them from uploading audio with those fees, and now you’re going to do this with clothing? Composers had to pay to showcase their talent on the platform, and now clothing designers do? Some developers base their entire career around making clothing. Honestly, buying Premium would be better than paying :robux:100 just to upload one clothing item. That, plus the marketplace fees? I take back what I said about not being sure how to feel about this. I’m starting to lean more towards not liking it.

And you think that this update will stop botting? No, Roblox, no! You’re allowing users without Premium upload clothing. While I do believe that this is generous, it’ll encourage more bots. I doubt a fee will stop them, much less ones that can exploit this system.

Try a different solution. I’m sure you guys can come up with something. Not this, though. No sir.


Has to be one of the worst ideas ever thought of.


This could either be really good or really bad. I really hope that the captchas aren’t overused, and it isn’t expensive to upload clothes. When can we expect to see this update?


Feeling sorta conflicted on this. On one hand, requiring a fee is a big hurdle for new creators without the R$ to get started, but on the other removing the premium requirement is a fantastic step in the right direction, and it is possible to do commissioned work in order to handle the initial fee and get the ball rolling.

There are also other factors in this, such as the cost of those fees. Earlier users got to see that that t-shirt sale price was 100R$, which leaves me wondering how high the prices are for shirts and pants. Unless the botting issue is stomped out for good, and causing actual creators to get those sales, it’s gonna be hard to justify pouring more money into your own uploads if they struggle to break even with these items, let alone get a fair profit from the effort they put in.

Unless the upcoming methods to stomp out stolen content are vigilant, I can only see this combatting small-time thieves. As long as I still see groups actively continuing to rake in tens of thousands of R$ from old stolen clothes, I don’t think funding the R$ needed to upload more stolen clothes will be much of an issue for them.

Going to be curious to see where this goes though. It’d be great to finally be able to browse the catalog and fill my inventory with clothes, so I’m hopeful that the team fighting against the bots can build a viable solution!


What about those who need to pay others using clothing? Now they would have to pay even more. But I understand this is for the better.


Would premium members still be able to upload those items for free? Or will they have to pay the fee?
My smooth brain can’t figure out


How will this discourage item upload abuse? There is inappropriate audio being uploaded even with a fee.

What will be the cost of uploading t-shirts, shirts, and pants be? Will it be the same cost for all three, or different for t-shirts?


This makes me extremely excited for the future of the catalog as its been so broken for YEARS.

But I really doubt adding a fee will stop bots, bots make so much robux off of clothing as is that it probably wont even halt them. I hope the future updates to come along with this adds in some serious fixes along with a better way for creators to claim their own clothing.


I quite like how premium is no longer required; that was always really annoying.

However, 100 Robux feels really steep. Not exactly friendly to those who want to start legitimately. I’m also a bit uncertain how this will stop pre-existing asset stealing groups as they’ve already made a considerable amount of earnings as-is. This will hopefully stop new ones from popping up though.


That is a good change but at what cost?

F to all of the clothing designers that probably will not be able to upload clothing


I can see how this could benefit most people without Premium, but it feels like the boons will be extremely short-lived. It’s more likely the situation will only change slightly, and then clothing copiers will find another way to keep botting clothing en masse.

Update with response to fee rollout: Upcoming Changes to Avatar Catalog Upload Requirements


I like how I don’t need to buy premium to create shirts for my game to earn more money! My only questions:
Do you have to pay to upload it, or just put it up for sale?
If I upload t-shirts before next year I’ll get it for free, but will it cost money next year?
won’t premium be useless? All of my profit will suddenly stop because I rely solely on prem. payouts.
What will premium really be useful for after this? (unless there is no fee for premium)
Will you be removing more spam clothing items?
Will there be a “try on before publishing” tab?


Pay to upload. If you read the same paragraph you got the first part, you’ll know the answer.


Pay to upload for tshirts that is, for other clothing its when you put it on sale.

Edit: Other way around, my bad