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Today I am announcing that there will be a major changes to our community. As you may have noticed, in recent months, our community has declined in activity, heavily. This is partially my fault, because I have been super busy outside of Roblox.

Over the past year, nearly two years, Atlantis has grown a lot bigger than I ever expected, and I thank every one of those 70,000 people who joined the group and played Atlantis. Our current state, such as the current ranks and work flow worked since launch, but unfortunately It no longer works. Everyone is now bored of the group, as well as the game, and there isn’t much to do. It was amazing while it lasted.

I have been thinking about a major group revamp for awhile, and It’s time to announce publicly some of the changes. My vision is to make the group a lot more roleplay. At its current state, It’s not.

To start with, let’s focus on the games:

Automatic Quiz Center

  • I think It’s great to allow every user on Roblox the chance to roleplay. I believe that at an Automatic quiz center will achieve just that. Users will be able to quiz and based upon a score, they will be ranked as a Trainee.
  • Staff Members that use the quiz center will be blocked to only LR ranks, and will need to be interviewed to progress to MR, HR and possibly SHR.

Interview Center

  • If a user wants to progress up the ranks, they will need to be Interviewed, and that’s why we will be adding an Interview Center game to the group. MR+ can be interviewers, and HR+ can host.

Training Center

  • Staff members who manages to pass the Quiz, will need to be trained. Which is why a Training Center will come in handy. MR+ can be trainers, and HR+ can be hosts.

The Staff Hub will be discontinued.

What about the Timetable system?

  • The Timetable system is a great feature - however it has loads of bugs and no one uses it. It’s time for it to be scrapped. A new, simple, easy system will place it. A simple 30 minute pre-group shout and that’s it. Staff will be able to host whenever they like, as long as the sessions are one hour apart.


  • The club is undergoing major changes, which is apart of the ‘MEGA UPDATE’ we talked about months and months ago. This involves a new version of the club, plus a lot more.
  • This involves new UI, new club layout (building wise), new activities, etc.

Now, it’s time to talk about the ranks. As I said earlier, I want our group to be roleplay as much as possible, therefore I have come come with the current ranks:

[-] Creator
[-] Owner
[-] Head Of Staff
[-] Management

[13] [SHR] Director
[12] [SHR] Co-Director
[11] [SHR] Secretary

[10] [HR] Operations Manager
[9] [HR] Service Manager
[8] [HR] Club Supervisor

[7] [MR] Head of Tech
[6] [MR] Head of Security
[5] [MR] Head of Reception

[4] [LR] Technology Crew
[3] [LR] Security
[2] [LR] Receptionist
[1] [LR] Trainee

[X] Suspended

[N] Noted Member

[0] Member

What about purchasable ranks?

  • We think it’s really important to have some sort of way to develop funds to keep the game active, as well as the community. Selling ranks is a great way to maintain that high activity. We will still be selling ranks, but there are a few changes to it. We have yet to decide on whether to include one or two gamepass ranks. (i.e, purchase a gamepass and you can rank yourself) This means not every rank will be a gamepass. This will free up space to include proper perks within the game.

Introducing Staff Points

  • Based on what a staff member does to help the community out, they will receive staff points automatically. These staff points will also be used to get promoted. I.e 250 points for ‘Technical Crew’ and 100 points for ‘Security’.
  • Staff Point Game Passes will exist. I.e 2x Staff Points, 7x Staff Points.

Staff Points can be purchasable too, so if you want to get a rank quickly, you can. I.e, purchase 5000 Staff Points for ‘Head Of Tech’. This is essentially another way for selling ranks.

What about the people who have bought ranks?

  • People have bought the old rank game passes can be ranked to the new ranks as follows.

Instant Staff LR → Receptionist

Instant Staff MR → Head of Reception

Club Manager → Club Supervisor

Ultimate Manager → Club Supervisor

Moderator → Service Manager

Administrator → Operations Manager

Co-Owner → Secretary


Club Spawn:

Not the finished product, subject to change.

Not the finished product, subject to change.

Introducing AtlantisOS:

Not the finished product, subject to change.
Welcome the new spawn, It’s a lot bigger and more productive! Which houses many new features, such as:

Ticket System: There is now a Ticketing System. What’s this? Players can now get a Ticket to enter the club. Staff can give out Tickets using our brand new Ticketing Machines which runs on our also new in-game OS, AtlantisOS! Currently there is only Regular Tickets, in which it gives access to the club, however in a future update, there will be VIP Tickets which will unlock new areas. Players who don’t get a Ticket can set off the door detecting alarms and will be notified to any Security Staff. They will be able to deal with the player, such as asking them to get a Ticket.

Quiz Center:

In fact, you can try out Early Access of the Quiz center right now, just head over to the game:

→ link coming soon

There is no official date when the revamp will take place. We hope to aim for new year, possibly few months after that.

Cameron Bond,
Founder and Developer of Atlantis Nightclub


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