Atmosphere Incorrectly Affecting Gui Objects

Atmospheres are currently projecting the default skybox onto gui objects like surface guis and billboard guis instead of the current skybox.

This can be viewed in live servers, namely here:

To reproduce:

  • Create a part with a SurfaceGui on it, LightInfluence 0
  • Place an atmosphere in the Lighting and a non-default Sky object

bump, having the same issue after last update.

How it should be (and is, in studio):

How it is right now (after last update):


Having the same issue here and I don’t see it in studio. Only in game which makes it a lot more weird and definitely isn’t my fault.

I have some billboard GUIs for player tags and lights. Even the bubble chats are affected by this issue. They are bluish and my lights’ lens flares are whitish. When I do get closer to it, it goes back to normal.


[UPDATE - July 22]: Issue still occurs.


This is affecting my game. This only happens in-game, and not in Studio.



Re-Bump, same problem is happening again after last update


I am also experiencing this issue. The lights in the building are supposed to appear a yellowish colour but are instead blue from a distance.


An acknowledgement of this bug from anyone in DevRel or an Engineer would be incredibly appreciated, as it is still persisting. Currently Gui Objects are NOT rendering the correct skybox when affected by atmospheres in live games. Even in studio, I don’t believe they are being affected correctly:

This issue is appalling and even seems to affect bubble chat guis in a game with atmosphere and colored skyboxes:

See the blue tinge on the chat? This game does NOT use any custom chat settings. Here’s a visual for better understanding of how the default blue skybox seems to be impacting the gui’s color:

To reproduce this error, simply download this attached place file and upload it to a live game:
Atmosphere Bug Place.rbxl (30.4 KB)
To see it in a live game, join this place:

Hopefully all of the attached information helps engineers more easily identify the problem, because this going unaddressed for this long is incredibly strange.


Can confirm this happens to me too. It’s really annoying and it ruins the overall vibe of the night time atmosphere of my place.

It seems like this only works somewhat properly in studio, and not at all in the actual roblox game client.

Nvidia GeForce 1650
Intel Core i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40Ghz


Billboard GUIs and SurfaceGUIs seem to be the ones highly affected with places that have atmosphere density pretty high

This bug has been happening to me for over a few weeks now with a game I am working on. I assumed it would be fixed so I ignored it originally, but as time has gone by it is now preventing me from using physical GUIs in my game at all, since they look really bad.

Is this issue being looked into by engineers?

I was doing some experimenting myself with this bug and it looks like the color blending is rendering incorrectly, and causing it to appear to ignore the “fog” density effect of the Atmosphere object?

I messed around with many properties of Atmosphere, Lighting, and the SurfaceGui to find out which ones had an effect on the display of the GUI (results below). The supplied demonstrations were taken from a far distance away with a low camera FOV so you can better see what is happening:


Demonstration GIF (transition of values from 0 to 1)

Atmosphere.Offset (affects the intensity of the blue hue: 0 = less blue, 1 = more blue)

Demonstration Images

Offset = 0

Offset = 1

SurfaceGui.Brightness (when set to higher values and LightInfluence = 0, it removes the blue hue)

Demonstration Images

Brightness = 0

Brightness = 100 (on the stop sign text)

Also at close distances, SurfaceGui.LightInfluence affects the intensity of the blue hue similarly.

This issue does not occur for me in Roblox Studio or on mobile.

My System Information

  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit (Build 19043) (19041.vb_release.191206-1406)
  • Intel Core i5-7600K @ 3.80GHz
  • 16GB DDR4 @ 2x1200MHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB (Driver 471.41)
  • DirectX 12 (Driver; Database 1.0.8)
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Same issue, my billboards are glowing in the dark

And that’s how it is rendered in Studio

Now the same issue can be seen inside studio as well

I found out that this bug only happens on Future Lighting, so disabling it might help you while this is not fixed, thats what i did for now.

This bug is affecting my game too. I use billboard guis for damage indicators and they look blue from a distance. They are normally supposed to be red

Can confirm. Please fix this, as it has not been fixed for over 2 weeks now.

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Having the same issue
Everything works fine in studio:
But in game surface guis get blueish tint:


been an issue for around a month if not more
works fine in studio though for whatever reason
really screws up my game because it relies on darkness but all my surfaceguis go straight through the fog


As annoying as this is, I would also like to point out that transparent guis, beams, particles, or even parts. Create like a high vision effect when you look through them. Really annoying and is pretty much stopping me from creating really good lighting for horror games

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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


It’s been a month already, but the issue still can be observed. Is there any progress in solving this problem? Or can we solve it by ourselves somehow?

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Exactly as @Maestro20 has said, it’s been a month and no follow up, not even an update. This is making games look really bad because people can just see the GUI elements from far away.

Not to mention this makes some text unreadable because white backgrounds on surface GUI elements blend with lighter colored text objects, and it’s a hassle trying to make the text a darker color just to compensate for this. Please fix it, it’s been way too long.

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It can take quite a bit for Roblox to fix bugs, be patient.