Attach camera controls broken

It was said to create another topic if the issue has continued, and it has. Put simply the attach camera can’t zoom in/out - unsure of if the other camera control issues mentioned in the previous post are present. Happens 100% of the time, any place. Pretty big issue.


This issue has broken the entire ro-aviation community’s planes. The attach camera can’t zoom it or out anymore, but it can be moved side to side now? Now this is quite broken. I’m kind of sure that this doesn’t just happen on planes, but on other vehicles too.

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I think at the same time they brought this bug back, they also reintroduced a small shift lock bug, so I suspect that they both have the same cause.

Essentially, if you hold down your right mouse button to drag your camera around and then turn shift lock on and, without releasing the right mouse button, the camera drag from the right mouse button stops working until you release the right mouse button and re-click it.

Since this bug and the attach camera bug were fixed at the same time and reintroduced at the same time, I suspect they both have the same cause.


Same issue as what @fernan2403 has said, using the attach camera whereas the camera used to be in a fixed position, the camera can now pan around and is unable to zoom in/out, I found it was fine until 29/09 which is when the issues started happening. It seems to have impacted roaviation quite a bit

Fortunately issues are much more minimal compared to Release 447, but either way an occurrent issue that still exists is the inability to zoom in/out when CameraType is set to CameraType.Attach.

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Attach camera mode is broken altogether. It behaves just like CameraType.Track, without the ability to zoom in or out. As others have said, a lot of plane and also racing communities rely on this camera mode, and have now broken. For my own racing series, I have needed to take an older custom camera script, which does not work as well.

The exact same issue has just shown up again. Roblox planes and vehicles have the Attach camera broken once again. You can’t zoom in nor out, and it won’t follow the player’s heading. Please, make up your mind and decide if you will permanently go around breaking huge communities. The only difference is that it only happens to MOST players, instead of all of them.


I can also confirm. This is causing major issues with many games!

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Can confirm, it’s happening to me too again. I wish there was a good way to get the previous version of the Camera scripts.

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Exact same issue from a while ago, it’s majorly affecting the Ro-Aviation community. Players are unable to look left/right and unable to zoom in/out when camera type is set to CameraType.Attach.


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