Attempt to teleport to a place that is restricted (Code 773)

Good Evening

I’m having some trouble with teleporting players from different places within my game. Whenever I try to teleport them it ends up with Error Code 773 and I’m not sure why exactly.

Heres a Visual


Im trying to Telport them from Black Ruby to Creation


local LoadingScreen : ScreenGui = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("LoadingScreenPackaging"):WaitForChild("Raeza_Default2"):Clone()
LoadingScreen.Parent = Player.PlayerGui	
TeleportService:TeleportAsync(11315445297, Player)


Any help will do. I cant really move on with any more work till this is fixed :confused:

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Make sure that the place you are attempting to teleport to is published and public


How do I check if its public. I know the main game Black Ruby is public but unsure how to make the Creation place public.

You can open it in studio and set it public in the settings that you get by clicking the gear icon in the home tab or just visit<subplace-id>

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Dosnt Seem to work for some reason here is some screenshots of what i have

Are 3rd Party Teleports enabled?

Yeah, but im not sure what that would be any help as the place im trying to teleport to is within the main game ‘Universe’

Sadly, I cannot help you.

But there are tutorials on this topic.
Incase you need one if this wont help.


Did the issue resolved? I have the same )