Attempting to view the "Roblox Staff" group gives an access denied error

When trying to click on the Roblox Staff tag of a person, an access denied error is given, as shown here.

For example, on this post, user “TheGamer101” has the Roblox Staff tag. Clicking on it, will result in the above error.

On a potentially related note: In the JSON of a valid group (e.g Post Approval), “Roblox_Staff” isn’t in “visible_group_names”.

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I’m not staff here so I can’t say this for certain, but I’m pretty sure it is intentional to stray people away from soliciting staff in order to contact them for issues that support is meant for.

In that case, why would the staff tag remain next to users names?

Because when a staff member chooses to post then it would be good to be able to verify that it is official (or to just know that it is a staff member speaking instead of some random).

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I’ll go with that, but then I feel like a link shouldn’t be created on their tag if their group isn’t to have members displayed.

This is intentional, you’re not meant to be able to view the people in the Roblox_Staff group.

For the link being created on the label when the current user cannot actually view the group, please file this as a bug with Discourse since this is not Devforum-specific functionality.