Auahi — Official Handbook

Auahi — Official Handbook

:herb:Introductory to Auahi

Auahi is a recently established and fastly-growing rainforest café located in the Lao Valley in Maui, Hawaii. Our primary goal is to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience to all customers alike. Our mission is to foster a community of innovative concepts to become one of the most creative and unique groups on Roblox. With great customer service and a welcoming staff team, we’ll make sure you have an amazing time here at Auahi.

:cake: Our Facilities:

Auahi Cafe: [💰TIPS] Auahi Cafe 🥥🌿 - Roblox
Auahi Quiz Center: Quiz Center 📝 - Roblox

:cup_with_straw:General Informative:

Auahi Policies & Regulations

At Auahi, we have a variety of basic policies that need to be abided by all community members at any given time. Failure to abide by the prestigious regulations in place will follow with some kind of moderation action to accompany the misconduct. Primarily, our established policies for customers and above are posted below.

A-1. Proper grammar, punctuation and syntax is not a specific requirement for staff members. You can make the independent decision as to whether you would like to implement grammar into your regime or not.

A-2. Respect is required under all conditions. Non-fulfilment of this regulation will result in a repercussion.

A-3. We do ask you to employ a certain level of professionalism whilst using our facilities. Immaturity/ causing disputes over minor incidents will result in punishments.

A-4. Advertising/selling on our group wall is not allowed. These include: groups, games, clothing, giveaways, chainmail or anything as such.

A-5. Acting in a discourteous manner when a moderation action is provided to you will result in a harsher punishment from the original infraction.

A-6. Going AFK (away from keyboard) whilst behind the register/ working as a janitor or restocker will result in a verbal warning.

A-7. Any form of trolling, talking back, and being overall disrespectful will result in a warning. Unremitting after a warning will be owing to a server ban.

A-8. Using any type of exploit in our facilities will equal a permanent ban. Exploiting is strictly prohibited and permanent bans will be supplied.

A-9. Avoiding an administrative action by creating an alternative account will lead to additional permanent measures.

A-10. Fabricating issues or blaming an individual for something they didn’t do will lead to punishments on the reporters behalf. We will not tolerate false/ twisted reports or concerns. Significant amounts of evidence is required for a report to be forwarded to a member of the Administration Department.

A-11. We ask that your clothing is appropriate and suitable. Any inappropriate clothing worn will result in a verbal warning to change or a ban will be accommodated.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I am ranked Junior Barista/ Barista in the group, what can I do?

Our staff members have a multitude of jobs to choose from once progressing past the rank of Trainee. You can make the decision per shift if you would like to work as a barista and serve customers, restock the machines and flavors by operating as a restocker; or become a janitorial worker and tidy up the café! Each occupation will give you interactive jobs so you can keep engaged and occupied.

How do I become a MR?

As of currently, there are two divergent ways a staff member can eventually rank up to a middle-ranking position. You may take the undemanding option by applying for MR (through showing dedication, you’ll progress through to Staff Assistant), you will then undergo a mentorship program, and upon passing; you will be authorized to begin your MR duties.

The prolonged option is to rank up to Head Barista automatically through the in-game points system. If your activity is displayed to the majority of the HR team whilst within the Head Barista rank, you will be issued a promotion to Staff Assistant. This option is much more rewarding; as your hard-work would be exhibited to the remainder of the community. You will then make your way through the Staff Assistant program and advance from there.

Where do I forward reports or complaints?

Members of the Administrative Department handle all complaints, reports and concerns. Users in the Administrative Department are trained to deal with these types of incidents: if you have any concerns or need to discuss a report with a staff member, I highly suggest direct messaging a AD or ask one of them to send you a private message in-game.

How do I become a developer or corporate member?

At Auahi, we do not hire staff members aimlessly for a corporate position. Corporate members are not hired on an application-basis, they are hand-picked on a variety of different factors.

Which in-game commands do staff members receive?

Auahi Staff ranked Junior Barista to Head Barista receive basic in-game commands to operate as a staff member successfully. These commands will be explained below for their purpose, reasonings and repercussions if they aren’t used appropriately.

?give username

The ‘give’ command provides the opportunity for a staff member to give another user an in-game item. This is vastly used to serve customers, and should not be used persistently without exact reasoning.


This command is used in circumstances where an in-game admin is needed to assist you. This command can be used in incidents where there’s a troller or exploiter, and not for when you have general questions. Any abuse of this command will result in an instant demotion from your position.

Can I apply for ranks?

Posted in our communications server, we post applications to obtain communicable ranks or in-game ranks (ROBLOX) to advance throughout the group.

Can I buy a rank? Can I get a refund?

Here at Auahi, we do not authorize LR rank-selling. Please keep note that you purchase an in-game gamepass at your own risk; we do not authorize refunds of any sort.
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Infraction Appealing

Infractions are another word for moderation actions such as demotions, bans or terminations. If you do not think you should have been issued a moderation action, you are provided with the opportunity to appeal.

Appealing consists of answering a few questions regarding the incident, why it occurred, who was involved et cetera; and after evaluation, you will be provided with a message (in our communications or on ROBLOX) regarding your status of acceptance or denial. If your appeal is declined, you will need to wait-out the one week cooldown before re-appealing.

If you have any questions regarding appeals — or you need to submit an appeal yourselfit is dire to message a member of the Administration Department. Please keep in mind that you will require to have a communications account, or if you are under the age of 13; you will need to keep your ROBLOX messages on. To do this, you must do the following: settings > privacy > contact settings > who can message me? > everyone.
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Partnership Information & Affiliates

Auahi currently operates a Public Relations Department. The primary objective of the Public Relations Department is managing affiliates on the ROBLOX platform by forming strong partnerships and associations with other similar genres on the website. If you’re interested in forming a partnership with Auahi, our specifications can be found below.

• Minimum of 7,000 non-botted ROBLOX group members.
Active ROBLOX facilities & communications server.
• Able to announce & attend community events between Auahi and your corporation.
We do permit rank selling. Any reports of scamming/ the user not receiving their correct rank will result in denial.
• Would actively communicate throughout our affiliate communications systems.

If you’re interested in forming a partnership at your establishment, and you meet the requirements, it is dire for you to contact mv4rk, the Head of Public Relations.
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Our Departments

Here at Auahi, we have contrasting departments that contribute to the main-workings of the group. These departments and their purposes can be located below. Please keep in mind that the Public Relations and Administration Department is only to be managed by MRs+, whereas the Server (Communications) Moderation Department is applicable to the public.

Public Relations Department

The PR department at Auahi manages our ROBLOX affiliates and partnerships. Public Relations staff ensure our partners are satisfied, host allied-events alongside together, as well as host our own independent events and spirit weeks. Essentially, they handle the event-based side of the community.

Administration Department

Overall, this department handles the staff side as well as community-based in-game incidents, appeals and reports. They are a predominant part of the group to ensure everything is in-line and runs smoothly.

Server Moderation Department

Server moderators handle all communication server activity (in our communications server). They are granted light moderation commands, and are able to assist in situations where moderation is needed to handle a disturbance. Any community member within any rank can apply for this position, applications will open in our communications server on a monthly basis.
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:ice_cream: Staff Bulletin:

In-game Job Descriptions & Roles

At the café, staff members are provided with the independent decision to become three drastic types of in-game occupations whilst working at Auahi. These jobs will be explained below.


The in-game baristas have the ability to create our amiably-known iced drinks, ice-creams, milkshakes, frozen-fruit bowls with a wide variety of flavors and much more! Baristas have the ability to sign into their independent shifts, earn points and climb through the ranks whilst having fun.


Our restockers are a prominent part of in-game operations; they ensure all the café resources are restocked and ready for use. They collect the restocking boxes from the helipad and make sure all customers are satisfied with the items that are on sale.

Janitorial Member

In order to keep the café in pristine condition, this is where our janitors come in! The in-game janitors are principally in assistance to set a commendatory example amongst our staff and customers. They clean up spillages with their tools and make sure the facility is kept clean and safe.
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Staff Hiring Process

Ranking up to Trainee

In order to rank up to Trainee, you must join the group and go to the 'Quiz Application’ in Auahi’s group description. Upon passing a few basic questions, you will rank up to Trainee. You will then be asked to go to a training session to receive the rank of Junior Barista.

Ranking up to Junior Barista > Barista > Senior Barista

Once progressing through to the rank of Junior Barista through passing a training session, you are then eligible for promotions at the café through the points system. In order to rank up from your current rank, you will need to acquire a set amount of points (explained in the ‘points system’ topic). Once you have maintained the amount of points needed as a Junior Barista member to get to the next rank, you will be automatically promoted to your next rank, Senior Barista.

This will continue until you rank up through points as the rank of Senior Barista, to the position of Head Barista. From there, you will not be able to work up to Staff Assistant (through points) as a Head Barista. To reiterate, points stop counting towards promotions once you get to the Head Barista rank.

Ranking up to Head Barista

The rank ‘Head Barista’ is the last rank before progressing through to the MR team. This rank does hold a sense of authority and power, yet it does not require in-game moderator permissions. This rank is occasionally applicable, although; it is not purchasable.

Head Barista has the exclusive and alternative option to switch between in-game placements/ occupations depending alon the job they would rather do. As a Senior Barista member, you are still able to maintain the ‘Head Barista’ rank through in-game points. However once you obtain the Head Barista rank, points will no-longer have any promotional-effects.

Ranking up to Staff Assistant

Obtaining the Staff Assistant position is generally a strenuous task, although it is very rewarding once it is achieved! Staff Assistant is considered a MR rank; middle ranks ensure the main game is running smoothly and keep everything in line. In order to rank up to Staff Assistant, it’s likely that the Head Barista will need to be noticed by a member of the Administration Department in order to get to the next rank. Please keep in mind that you cannot rank up to Staff Assistant if you have safe-chat enabled. This is to ensure all staff members are aged thirteen or older.

In order to be recognized, you must remain consistently active and dedicated to your position. Staff Assistants will undergo mentorship led by @neptunesstic; and upon completion they would become a fully-acknowledged member of the MR team.

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Recipe Guide

Here you are able to locate Auahi’s recipe guide! Below, we have explained how to craft our our hot and cold beverages, as well as our delicious delicacies served to our beloved customers. Make sure to keep note of this recipe guide as it’ll come in handy at training sessions and shifts at the cafe.

:coffee:Beverages (Hot & Iced)


  1. Get a juice cup and it selected in your inventory

  2. Walk into the desired flavours (kiwi, pineapple, lemon, orange) machine with the cup in hand


  1. Get a milkshake cup and have it selected in your inventory

  2. Go to the fridge and select ice, milk and fruit of customers’ choice (coconut, pomegranate, kiwi, banana, mango, pineapple, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, cherry)

  3. Go to the blender and add the ice in one slot, milk in the other, and fruit of choice in the last slot

  4. Press ‘blend’ and wait for your milkshake to finish blending, it’ll be automatically placed in your inventory


  1. Pick up a coffee cup and have it selected in your inventory

  2. Add hot water

  3. Add a tea bag of the customers choice (green, white) with the cup in hand


  1. Grab a coffee cup and have it selected in your inventory

  2. Walk up to desired coffee machine (espresso, regular, decaf)


  1. Grab a coffee cup and have it selected in your inventory

  2. Add in regular machine

  3. Add in decaf machine

Iced Coffee

  1. Grab a coffee cup and have it selected in your inventory

  2. Walk up to desired coffee machine (espresso, regular, decaf)

  3. Add ice if desired

»» ——————————————— ««

:croissant: Auahi Pastries


Get a tray and have it selected in your inventory

Go to the fridge and select “macarons” and pick your flavor (mint, lemon, mocha, strawberry, caramel)

Put macarons into the oven and wait for them to finish cooking


  1. Get a tray and have it selected in your inventory

  2. Go to the fridge and select ‘cupcakes’ and pick your flavour (chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry)

  3. Put the cupcakes into the oven and wait for them to finish cooking

  4. Frost if the customer desires (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry)


  1. Get a tray and have it selected in your inventory

  2. Go to the fridge and select ‘cookies’ and pick your flavour (oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookie)

  3. Put the cookies into the oven and wait for them to finish cooking


  1. Get a tray and have it selected in your inventory

  2. Go to the fridge and select ‘muffins’ and pick your flavour (cranberry, blueberry, chocolate, vanilla)

  3. Put the muffins into the oven and wait for them to finish cooking


Get a tray and have it selected in your inventory

Go to the fridge and select “cakepops” and pick your flavor (vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry)

Put cupcakes into the oven and wait for them to finish cooking


  1. Get a tray and have it selected in your inventory

  2. Go to fridge and select ‘brownies’

  3. Put brownies in the oven and wait for them to finish cooking


  1. Get a tray and have it selected in your inventory

  2. Go to the fridge and select ‘donuts’ and pick your flavour (vanilla chocolate)

  3. Put donuts into the oven and wait for them to finish cooking

  4. Frost if the customer desires (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry)

»» ——————————————— ««

Points Promotional System

Here at Auahi, we mainly base promotions off the in-game points system. The higher the amount of points you receive, the likelihood it will integrate into an automatic promotion to the next rank you are to acquire. The points system is functional for the ranks of Junior Barista up to Senior Barista only.

→ Junior Barista requires 105 points to automatically rank up to Barista
→ Barista requires 210 points to automatically rank up to Senior Barista
→ Senior Barista requires 315 points to automatically rank up to Head Barista
»» ——————————————— ««


Thank you for taking the time to read our Public Handbook! This forum will optimistically explain all information you are looking for, although if you do have any further questions; you may ask a member of the HR team for assistance.

Written and developed by,
Co-Owner of Auahi

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