Audio assets which are owned by the group are not available to games within the same group


When developing NPCs, audio assets which are part of the group inventory do not seem to be available to games within the same group. I checked the assets and only those that I have uploaded to the group do not seem to be working, yet I can play them on the website. It seems to happen only for older audio assets. All sound assets were uploaded to the website. New assets that I uploaded appear to be working except a couple of them. Those may have different issues.

Additional Information

Field Value
Problem Area Studio
Problem Component Asset Downloads
First Seen Today (12 Jan 2024)
Frequency Constant
Imact High
Annoyance Level High
OS Windows 10 Pro

The group in question is Dracolynxis Technologies (5207881632)
The experience in question is The Proving Grounds (15112688736)

Here is a list of the affected sound assets. There’s more for other NPCs, but this is a start.

  • 13602108683
  • 13602043841
  • 13602041914
  • 13602036625
  • 13602027906
  • 13601963256
  • 13601961517
  • 13601960039
  • 13601957854
  • 13601954687
  • 13601952304
  • 13601950084
  • 13601947142
  • 13601944166
  • 13601942006
  • 13601936342

Note that I think it might be a permissions issue, but it’s affecting only some of the sound assets. Others appear to be working, but it’s sporadic as to which ones work and which ones don’t. The above assets are for an NPC by the name of Ra (Egyptian god). All the ones that I uploaded do not seem to be functioning in game, but I can play them on the website.


What I expect to happen is that audio assets that are uploaded as a group asset are available to all experiences within the same group.


Studio view when the place is loaded from the cloud.

Analytics for errors/warnings for the live game.


The steps to reproduce the issue in Studio are as follows:

  1. Open the place in Studio.
  2. Observe the errors in the output window.

The steps to reproduce the issue in game are as follows:

  1. Play the game.
  2. View the error reports on the analytics web site.

Use another song about that show maybe this Watch a problem about and somsthing is i know for you are need fix

These are not songs. These sounds are speech with distorted audio that the NPCs say on various triggers. So using something different isn’t an option. But yeah, this needs to be fixed…sooner rather than later.

Then show me the picture what is the problem song

Some of the asset Ids are in the original post. Look them up on the creator marketplace. For instance, the first one on the list Sacrilege plays on the website but not in game. Go figure.

Like I said, it’s not really possible for me to use something else. These NPCs were designed a certain way with certain triggers that do things. Right now, the NPC is not really functional because of it.

He has is song from Roblox i know about that what think so

Are there any updates on this issue? Do you need more information?

You might have to manually approve the audio assets. See this: New Asset Privacy and Permissions Features for Audio and Video

Here’s the rub. Assets uploaded before June have this problem. Assets that have been uploaded after June do not. So new stuff that I just uploaded seems to be working.

@Maelstorm_1973 Your experience will get implicit permissions when you insert the audio assets (either the owns you own or shared with you) from toolbox or upload them via Asset Manager in the game. You can look at the Permissions page under Experiences in Creator Hub to bulk grant permissions to assets manually for an experience and to see the list of assets that the experience has permission on. We are working on bulk asset granting from studio error output and other features to address the pain points related to privacy.


So this is a known issue. Very well then. I have since granted explicit permissions to the experience, so it is working now. I’ll just have to keep this in mind when I run into this issue again.

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We have brought back the ability to grant permissions from studio error output messages. This should help ease your pain points until we release new features.


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