Audio previews in Studio have unwanted echo effect

Audio previews in the Toolbox have an unwanted echo effect. Whenever I press the play button to preview any audio, it plays twice with a slight offset, giving it an unwanted echo effect. This problem only happens in the Audio Toolbox, and not in any other audio preview.

To replicate:
Open studio, open the toolbox, switch to audio search, and preview any somewhat long audio.

Relevant specs:

  • Studio 0.431.0.404520 (64-bit) through 0.473.0.420291 (64-bit)
  • Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) and Windows 10 Home Premium (64-bit)

Here’s a preview:


I am also experiencing this issue. Tried to use the library on the website instead to find audios, but they don’t seem to play so gave up (on both Chrome and Edge Chromium on Windows 10, and Chrome on Chromebook).

I’m running Windows 10 Home Edition (64-bit), version 1909.


Ive noticed this too. It makes it a little harder to determine if that is the sound that you want to import.

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Thanks for the report, we are on it!

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Library audios on the website constantly break and almost never play because of a JavaScript error on the page. (Ctrl + Shift + I > Console to find the error) The audio player on the site breaks because it sets the audio link to about:blank when paused, which obviously is incorrect, and results in an error.

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It’s almost been a year and there’s still this issue! Very aggravating!


Bump. This issue has been occurring for months now, maybe even over a year and still no fix. This is really annoying. Please fix it.

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