Audio previews often fail to play

Experience the same problem.

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Still experiencing this issue however, instead of the missing file little icon it had now it just instantly returns to paused. Google Chrome, Windows 10 operating system.


Hi, it’s been almost a year since this was posted but I’ve been dealing with this issue on a regular basis, which is quite frustrating.

If it helps at all, this is what my browser’s console (Chrome) gets spammed with when I click audio and it does not play.



I also have this issue . I can confirm it happens on computer and mobile . It be great to have this fixed so I don’t have to use studio to play or preview an audio


Still happening, really disappointed all the devs have put fixing this aside.


Ive been having this issue off and on for a year now. What I don’t get is why it would work fine one day, and not the next. Yesterday for example, no issues. Today, can’t play a single one on the site and nothing on my end has changed at all, have to test through studio which is a hassle as I have to manually input the id every time since I don’t really use the toolbox that much.


Haven’t been able to preview on the site or in studio for weeks now.


This bug has been affecting me for weeks, but when I changed to a browser outside of Chrome (like Edge) the audio played.

What I see in Chrome (audio broken)

What I see in Edge (audio playing)


I can confirm that this issue is still prevalent, and on it still seems to happen over 50% of the time. A quick fix for me thanks to @DirectorDexter was to use the Edge browser, which seems to work perfectly. The issue seems to be largely based on Chrome in particular, which is irritating since a large majority of people use Chrome (to my knowledge). This is a bug that almost everyone I talk to have had, and it makes it extremely difficult to sample audios quickly and efficiently while looking to add them to my game. I hope that this issue will be fixed quickly, as I would prefer not to go out of my way to use a special browser just to sample audios.


I use google chrome on windows 10 and I have this issue as well


Yeah, I’ve noticed this issue especially after having the browser open for a long while.


This is still an issue. Some audio files will play, while others will not. (I am talking about sounds uploaded by Roblox)

This one DOES work…

However this one (and many more) do NOT…

The sound will play fine in studio, it is only on the web site that I can not preview it. It really makes it difficult to make full use of the Roblox music library.

I am using Google Chrome with Windows 10

I think its different for everyone, neither of those audio files will play for me.


It does appears that sometimes the sounds will play and other times they fail. I’ve had it where the same sound will play and then I go back to the page later and it fails to play.

Really wish this would be fixed or at least addressed. This has been a constant issue for years now. I often use the audio library and this bug makes it an absolute pain, having to paste each ID into studio to actually preview it. With each click of the play button it flickers as the pause icon and back to play with this error. Using Google Chrome version 77.0.3865.75.


The previews randomly fail. I don’t have an idea of what steps in order to reproduce the bug. Inspect element spits out these errors.

I believe the error only appears when you have two Roblox tabs or more open. Check if you only have one Roblox tab at a time without encountering the bug.

There appears to be a temporary fix of this. If you trace the error and click the first link found in the first error message(do not download), the problem is fixed only for that audio. :thinking:

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It’s been over 5 years and still not even addressed :sleeping:


This happens to me very frequently, probably about 80% of the time


Whoever fixes this gets a free cookie


The preview actually has a temporary solution, which I could consistently perform.

  1. Open Inspect Element
  2. Preview the audio
  3. Once error message is printed in the Inspect Element, press the link that begins with https://cX,, where X is any number
  4. Downloading is not required. Refresh the page after clicking
  5. Audio preview should be working