auroraSuite (now free) - Tools to help create experiences with [v1.6.3]

Version 1.6.0 is now available!

In the update, we’ve made a few changes, the most notable of which is the fact that there’s some new icons plus you can now set the day and night cycle to follow the actual time (UTC).

For full update logs, please visit the link above. The update will be available on GitHub shortly.


I feel like using this resource to add stuff like the shift to sprint and donation buttons and stuff that goes inside the actual gameplay of your game is kind of useless, these are very simple systems that a dev should just code himself, I don’t think someone should really be a dev if they don’t have the time to learn ContextActionService and humanoids to make sprinting.

I only feel like 2 features are usefull in here.

I dont think paying 380 robux for this is worth it.


If you don’t think it’s worth it, what could I do to improve it?


I guess focuss more on the tools to create experiences, When I say this I mean stuff that as a normal developer you would use to aid in the programming of a game, I cant really tell you what you could add specifically as theres thousands of tools to already do many of the things i can think of on my head.


Gonna have to agree with @EvilVSCPlays :scream:. The code isn’t bad, but there isn’t much value out of this plugin for “creating experiences” as the title says. I guess the robux fees is cool, and the selected children of selected instances as well as the character map are nice. However, what is with the rest of the features? Donation buttons and shift to sprint are arguably useless for a plugin like this.

I like the idea, but maybe add more features directed towards actual development.


thats what i was trying to say, but I didn’t know how to say it, yeah the plugin should be more directed towards actual development, not just coding things for you, it should help devs on a direct way.


Pushed out a minor update to add PlayStation icons to the Roblox icon pack, full patch notes are here:

@RealMysticall thought it would be the best time to reply but I don’t know what timeframe I’ll have for that, hardly develop on Roblox as it is especially since everyone who I’ve worked on games with has practically disappeared

If you want to suggest some features, I’d recommend making a feature request on GitHub


Two updates have been released for auroraSuite!

A brand new search function is now available, allowing you to search for your favourite tools! Plus, we have added some new icons to the icon pack tool.


p.s. thank you to this guide for helping How Can I Create A Search System In Game? - #8 by Sayfside


I have some suggestions for this one:

  1. The icons have Transparent Pixels. I agree it’s tricky to remove them all manually but a way to do this is by using Pixelfix

images to help you:

  1. In the Roblox Fees Calculator, It would be cool if there is a way to put it in a different currency, as it only puts it in USD. I commonly reference AED instead of USD. and I’m aware that you commonly reference GBP instead of USD, so there should be a textbox that lets you input the country and get it’s currency using some sort of API that gets the list of currencies.


  1. Roblox already has a button for selecting children when you right click the selected instances. so I feel like this is redundant
  1. The “Select Instances of ClassType” does not clearly state that it will select the children with the certain ClassType. confusing some people about it


though most features are useful, so I still find it a good thing

I also imported them to GitHub


Yeah I only started using Pixelfix recently, one thing that annoys me is that it takes forever though (images are 1024px).

I know @.Elttob did make a fork of it, but I have no clue how to use it.

I mainly chose USD as that is what DevEx used. If I was to use an API to get prices for other currencies, it would require the user to accept additional permissions :disappointed_relieved:

Tbh didn’t actually realise that was a thing


sad :confused:

I guess my choice is putting this in the command bar:


it would output the result in AED, but if you want to try it out, Just replace the AED to USD difference to your local currency and USD difference

Odd. I assume it depends on the pixel size, but as we all know, assumptions do not define reality.

I didn’t know about it, do you have the link

also sorry for cluttering the #feature-requests category in the discussions section


lol, GitHub didn’t even notify me of it


that’s good, if you did get notified then you will be trapped in notification hell

also I don’t even know how to do it. It’s written in Rust which is what I’m not familiar with


auroraSuite is set to be discontinued from sale for now on April 8th. Looking to continue to make updates for the foreseeable future though.

Same goes for my other paid plugins, sorry this has to be this way.

Thank you everyone for continuing to support my work.

I released version 1.6.3 silently a few weeks ago btw, ran Pixelfix on some insertable icons that didn’t look great before.

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Made a letter regarding this. Still unsure on what to do with this one tbh.

I’ve attached a letter I’ve published below on Sharkey to inform users why this is changing: ExperiencersInternational (@experiencer) | Lethal Lava Land

Regarding my plugins on the marketplace

Hello everyone,

As you may know, the Creator Store is moving to USD payments on Monday April 8th. Due to some restrictions, I am unable to offer any of my plugins under the new system so I need to make some changes.

From today (March 6th), I will be making the majority of my plugins free to download. This includes DisableCoreGUIFunctions, GroupMe and FolderTool Pro.

The free version of FolderTool will be discontinued from sale shortly since there is no longer a reason for me to have the free version running.

auroraSuite WILL remain paid for now at the price of 380 Robux however this will not increase for the remaining 33 days on sale. I am currently considering my options on whether to move this plugin to a free model or discontinue sale on the Creator Store.

For the plugins that I am making free today, I promise that even if the restrictions on selling plugins for USD gets lifted, I’ll be keeping these free. I am not prepared to sell my 100 Robux plugins for $4.99 at this present moment.

If you would like to support my work, please check out auroraSuite or leave me a donation.

If you want to stay up to date with my latest work, I have an account on the fediverse at

Thank you,
GamersInternational (a.k.a. ExperiencersInternational)

Final reminder regarding this, I’m still not sure what I’m going to end up doing but hopefully my decision will be respected whatever it is. Definitely sucks that I’m going to have no chance of making any income from this platform for another year or so (games hardly make anything and nobody really commissions me).

Just such a shame things have to end like this, I want to give another thank you to you all for supporting auroraSuite.

@GamersInternational Quick question as I was unable to find an answer: Why was blissTools scrapped and why was auroraSuite made to replace it?

Good question!

Honestly, blisstools was just in a mess and starting from scratch was the right thing to do. The UI was terrible (I need to eventually overhaul DisableCoreGUIFunctions too) and it was buggy at times too.

auroraSuite is a lot more stable and reliable and is much easier to navigate around.

I also wanted to make auroraSuite my first proper paid plugin (although it’s not like that matters anymore, thanks Roblox), I couldn’t make blisstools paid if I wanted to at the time due to it being under a group. I think Roblox is solving that issue with USD sales, I don’t know.

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and they dont even wanna introduce robux option :\
i purchased plugin to support you btw, I don’t like this USD pricing myself either because it won’t be supported in my country anymore and its general pain points.
(ive done it before they start to roll out USD pricing, and that roll out seems to be imminent)

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Yeah, it’s definitely going to suck for creators, particularly Brazilian ones which are a huge part of the community.

I wish there was still an alternative way forward for people in your situation or underage developers. We’ve been campaigning for 0% fees for a while and it has now seemingly excluded developers from buying/selling due to how it’s implemented.