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Any of you miss blisstools? I decided to work on this successor much quicker than I expected, and I really like how it has turned out. It’s a heck of a lot more polished than that, that’s for sure. Some code has also been improved, and should be more reliable!

The screenshot displayed was taken on version 1.7.0. Older versions may not have the same amount of tools as newer versions do.

That looks way better on your eyes right?

The plugins DisableCoreGUIFunctions and GroupMe are featured in this plugin as well, view their pages to learn about what features they add to auroraSuite.

Character Map

Ever needed to get some useful characters copied down quick, like the Robux one or the Premium one? Now, we have a tool that can do exactly that.


Just click on a character you want, and it’ll go directly into the textbox. Then, just select the character and press Ctrl+C or Cmd+C and it’ll be copied to your clipboard!

Day & Night Cycle

Requires version 1.5.0 or newer to use. To use the real time UTC cycle, version 1.6.0 or newer is required.

Add a Day & Night cycle effortlessly. You can decide to use a set start time (in minutes) and how long a minute should take, or you can set it to sync to UTC time!


Donation Button Creator

Requires version 1.1.1 or newer for the ability to input the developer products price. Tool is available from version 1.0.0 and newer.

So, Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation got discontinued right? It’s back, and better than ever (maybe)!

The code is significantly better than what we used there, checking is now performed to make sure the developer product ID textbox isn’t empty, and we’ve made use of ChangeHistoryService (do not ask me why I did not use it).


Also, you can insert the price of the developer product, and it’ll now display in the buttons text.

Themes aren’t a priority to port over at the present moment, but I’ll be certainly adding some soon!

Icon Pack

Requires version 1.3.0 or newer to use.

Need to quickly pull out an icon for something? Now, we have a tool, and you do not have to worry about any complicated legal stuff. Use of this tool is limited to Roblox experiences and plugins only. Any other usage is subject to DMCA.

Oh, and we also have some Roblox made stuff!


Insert Model from ID

To insert decals or audio with this tool, version 1.3.1 or newer is required. To use links instead of asset IDs, version 1.4.0 or newer is required. For this tool to save last inserted models, version 1.5.0 or newer is required.

This is another one of those I ported over from blisstools, so I won’t go into details, but again, better error-checking, plus you can finally insert models into places other than Workspace (items inserted are placed into the currently selected item).

Iterate selected instances

Requires version 1.4.0 or newer to use.

Are you tired of having so many instances with different names?


With this tool, select the instances you want, and they’ll all have different names, to make it easier to distinguish them.



Roblox Fees Calculator

USD conversion only is supported. Figures are currently based on 80 Robux equalling 1 USD. For versions older than version 1.6.0, this tool is referred to as ‘Developer Exchange Calculator’. To remove calculating Roblox fees, version 1.6.0 is required.

Need to calculate developer exchange earnings from within Studio? We got that sorted.


Select children of selected instances

Requires version 1.4.0 or newer to use.

Are you tired of it being hard to select the children of a particular instance (e.g. Workspace)? This tool allows you to quickly select them, saving time.






Select instances of classtype

Requires version 1.1.0 or newer to use.

Do you need to select all folders inside of Workspace or another instance? Or maybe, do you need to get all the Frames selected inside of a ScreenGui? This tool is for you!

Shift to Sprint

Requires version 1.5.0 or newer to use.

Same as blisstools yet again.


Teleport System

Requires version 1.5.0 or newer to use.

Same as how it functions in blisstools, select a instance (such as a part) and it’ll add it to a teleport menu for easy teleportation.

Texture Applier

To use built-in textures, version 1.5.0 or newer is required.

Essentially the same as it is in blisstools, built-in textures are different though.

Viewport Resolution Display

Requires version 1.1.0 or newer to use. Using the Viewport Resolution tool on the right side of the screen requires version 1.2.1 or newer to use.

Need to take a glance at the viewport resolution in Studio? We have a toggleable setting that allows you to check + updates in real time!

Ability to display on both the left and right sides of the screen.

Download now :robux_gold: 0:

Browse the wiki and learn how to use auroraSuite: Home · ExperiencersInternational/auroraSuite Wiki · GitHub

Plugin update log: Managing auroraSuite · ExperiencersInternational/auroraSuite Wiki · GitHub

Get support from the community: ExperiencersInternational/auroraSuite Support · Discussions · GitHub

Thank you for taking your time to check it out! If you’d like to suggest anything, pop over an email to, DM me on the DevForum, send me a message on the fediverse at or send me a message through Matrix at

auroraSuite (currently viewing) - Multiple tools to help create experiences with

FolderTool Pro* - Group items into folders easily

StudioFetch - See cool stats about your Roblox Studio install

* Source code is not available on GitHub.


The reason it got incorrectly flagged was because it’s for robux - in #resources:community-resources, things are supposed to be open-sourced and free. If you added the option to put it together using github, it would be a community resource.

I’d recommend moving the category to #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback! :slight_smile:

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Significant free or open-source component so it doesn’t need to move.

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That wasn’t originally there, from what I saw. But okay-


It was originally there, it’s in small text.

The previous post contained that as well.


Version 1.3.1 has been released on the Plugin Marketplace, let’s check out what has changed!

  • Plugin should take up less space than before, due to removing a tool that was hidden to the public which I couldn’t get working properly (Audio Player)
  • Improvements by ccuser44 on GitHub to make inserting certain asset types a better experience (Insert Model)
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Pretty cool plugin!

Nice work, keep it up!

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Thank you!

I’m hoping to add more stuff to the plugin soon, for the latest updates with this plugin and my other plugins, you can follow me over on the fediverse


Apparently as of yesterday it’s fine in here anyways now, even if there isn’t a significant open-source component.

Making this reply for future reference to anyone.


auroraSuite just received an update to 1.4.0 on the Plugin Marketplace and GitHub!


Thank you @ccuser44 on GitHub for making changes to insert model for this update!


Hi everyone, I’ve made a minor update to auroraSuite today!

The Roblox Icon Pack feature now contains more Roblox made icons (I mainly just added the microphone ones used for VC in this update), plus I added some new characters to the character map feature (mainly shapes).

I’ve also adjusted the sizing of the Roblox Icon Pack menu to make it more readable.


Download now from the Plugin Marketplace for 200 Robux:


With the next update, all tools from blisstools will have been imported over.

This means shift to sprint, day/night cycle and teleport system creator will all be coming back.

I probably will be adding a proper end of life message rather than a warning in the output to blisstools due to this (RFDBC is unaffected right now, since we’re still missing certain functionality).

I’ve done the bare minimum for day/night cycle and the teleport system creator porting, but I hope this should be able to provide you a better experience.

You’ll also be noticing that the texture applier now has pre-made textures. Unfortunately, the old ones that @cuberoot5 (think it’s the right person right) made will not be ported at this time.

I’ve also made some changes to the other tools for a better experience.

It does mean yet another price rise to 300 Robux once it releases, but I really hope these changes will be worth the rise.

13 tools now though, which isn’t bad at all!


Version 1.5.0 is available! Available on Plugin Marketplace (for the new price of 300 Robux) and GitHub right now.

Patch notes:

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Just a quick update for everyone, I’m making a few changes to the GitHub page to make it a bit better!

First of all, I’ve enabled GitHub Discussions, which means I can now share information more easily with people.

It also will be the recommended way for people to get support with using the plugin, as it is much easier to navigate for people who are having issues than a DevForum page is.

I’ve also sorta enabled sponsorships on GitHub for the auroraSuite page (it’s literally just a link to a Roblox game).

I’m also working on a better issue report workflow soon enough so it’s easier for people to report issues, and I’m also thinking about messing with GitHub wiki pages to provide help and support (considering we don’t have a help tab in auroraSuite like we did in blisstools etc).

If anyone’s interested about updates, I want to release a v1.5.1 patch tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.


Version 1.5.1 is now available on the Plugin Marketplace! For the full changelog, visit the post below.

Yeah I know it’s not a lot, it fixes a minor issue with the debug info print option in settings, since I was a bit dumb for not realising that PluginGUIService is a thing, and therefore you can only access the build and version strings at runtime (also did this with the recent StudioFetch 1.1.0 update) and I added two X icons, which I felt I had to do with the Twitter rebrand, enjoy!

Also, we’ve officially passed 1000KiB (think that’s the right one) in file size. I know it’s pretty big, I’m sorry! Not quite 1MiB yet though.


Version 1.5.2 for auroraSuite is now available! The main thing that’s changed in this update is that the viewport resolution is now calculated more accurately when playtesting.

Here’s what the changes look like:

Before (this is supposed to be 480x320)


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Hello! I’ve probably released the biggest minor update for auroraSuite, version 1.5.3. Here’s what’s changed.

  • When using certain tools, a tag has been added to certain instances to signify they’ve been generated with auroraSuite
  • New ChangeHistoryService function is now being used on various functions (thanks @Mr_Purrsalot for the help with me making a dumb mistake)
  • If debug mode is on, for the day and night cycle script, it’ll now open the script once completing
  • Fixed a major issue with shift to sprint
  • Shift to sprint tool will now show a completion message if debug mode is turned on

In the next major update 1.6.0, I want to focus on optimising the size of auroraSuite a little bit, as well as helping my sanity when editing code. Keep your eyes out for that in the future!

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I’m pushing for size reductions in 1.6.0, and to do this, I am changing how the icon pack feature works, but this means the ordering for both icon packs will now be different than before. These changes come with the benefit that it is much easier to maintain these tools now.

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I’ve actually also sat down and made a lot of icons, and I’m actually using Pixelfix this time (albeit it takes a while).


All of the new icons shown there will be available in 1.6.0. If you’d like to request me to try and add something to the icons selection, feel free to contact me via DevForum messages, on the fediverse at or

I’ve also expanded the range of the Roblox icons.

I’m not sure whether 1.6.0 is substantial enough to be released yet, since it’s mostly icon stuff apart from a major change to the Day & Night Cycle which makes it super cool, by adding the function to get it to sync to UTC now!

And as a heads up, you can probably expect the price to be above 300 Robux soon.


Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates.

I haven’t been working on auroraSuite lately, but I’m hoping to release version 1.6.0 tonight.

Just wanted to give people a quick heads up that the Developer Exchange Calculator is changing its name to the Roblox Fees Calculator.

The functionality hasn’t changed at all (although to prepare for the Creator Marketplace charging no Roblox fees, I have introduced a function allowing users to remove fees from calculations).

I have also decided the price bump will be 80 Robux for this version, making the plugin 380 Robux now. Thanks for continuing to support me everyone!