Auto Anchor Plugin

Hello developers, I have made a free to use plugin named Auto Anchor. It is a simple plugin that automatically anchors BasePart instances inserted/parented into Workspace, it is helpful as most of us have wanted an Auto Anchor feature in studio.


Q: How does it work?

A: You click the icon and the developer console will display if its enabled or disabled

Q: Are there going to be any further updates?

A: probably not unless a new roblox update deprecates something

Q: Why does first parenting the BasePart to something like ServerStorage and then parenting to the workspace not anchor the BasePart

A: This is done purposely as it can be annoying if you have an unanchored BasePart that constantly gets anchored

Link to Plugin: AutoAnchor - Roblox


The concept is useful but I have a suggestion here

I made an auto anchor plugin as well but it is included in a suit of tools tho and instead of not anchoring it if it’s put in a service that is not workspace i attached a DescendantAdded event to workspace so that if a part is moved from another service it gets anchored and you may do the same


If it does become a big complaint about the way it has been setup I can easily change it so it anchors whenever a BasePart instance is inserted into things outside of the workspace

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What’s the difference between this Plugin?
I‘m just asking. Are there new Features or something like that?

Could you provide videos or screenshots?
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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From what I can see in the source code of this plugin, it has less features compared to my plugin with over 30,000 installs. This plugin is as the OP described, its sole purpose is to anchor all new parts in the Workspace.


Well, your plugin has quite some problems. For me, a AutoAnchor Plugin should only Anchor new Parts (not hole models). That’s why I was asking, if there is any difference.

yeah I was not aware of the other plugin, but this one is solely anchoring new instances. The rest of the code is to prevent something like you placing a unanchored instance in replicated storage for future use and it being anchored, but thats pretty much it

This seems not a great plugin idea… Since it already exists, and you could just select a model in workspace and press the anchor button… It would also be annoying to turn the plugin off when you don’t want it anchored and stuff like that.