Auto Save crash studio sometimes

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Auto save randomly crash my studio, This has happened 5 times today it auto saves normally then it gets stuck into a loading loop which stops me from using studio, To the point where i have to exit through task manager for it to give me windows’s default error message asking me to “Close the program”.

Note : I’m on my old PC until my new one is fixed so my specs are a little bit low but still, this shouldn’t happen, What if someone has a laptop lower than mine?

System Information:
DxDiag.txt (116.6 KB)

Expected behavior

Auto save should proceed normally and not crash my studio.

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Not sure if it’s related, but I had a problem a couple of weeks ago where the computer crashed when bringing it out of sleep and Roblox Studio was open. I reboot and reopen Roblox Studio and it will not load the place. I try the autosave file and it’s giving the same error message. Then I open the files with Notepad++ and discover that the files contain no data. They are all NULL characters.

Needless to say, I was quite upset because I lost about 2-3 hours of work on a new map. Yeah, the map was gone.

Hi @xvywop

In order to investigate this better, we would require some dump files!
Check this guide to help you find them in your computer and send them to me in private!

Thank you!

Hello, try to reinstall roblox studio if you haven’t because it is possible that the errors will be corrected or maybe try to repair the roblox studio software

to fix: in the windows

Select Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & features.

Apps and features in Settings

Select the app you want to fix.

Repair options from Control Panel

In the taskbar search box, type Control Panel and then select Control Panel from the list of results.

Select Programs > Programs and Features.

Right-click the program you want to fix and select Repair or, if this option is not visible, Change. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

I’ve been noticing that, since the studio update that fixed the recent places access bug, or shortly after that, Autosave and Local Save have been much more sluggish.

Beforehand, it was instantaneous and I could barely notice, but now, it hangs for at most a second, and I could actually see the progress bar when I used to not be able to.

And when it does that, it just completely interrupts and cancels what I was doing; If I was typing something in a properties box, it would unfocus that and input whatever I managed to type, or when I’m dragging something, sometimes that just completely breaks and I have to click all over the place to stop the object “ghost dragging”, or when I’m changing the move or rotate snap that also gets unfocused.

All of these interruptions occur whilst autosaving, and it just has to happen the moment I’m actually doing something.

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Hello, you’re right i missed that part, here i will provide the crash log related to this bug report.

NOTE : It has happened to a few people i know, Its not just a sort of “me thing” if you get me.

I’ve left a private message.

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Hello @xvywop!
I have your log file, but are you able to create a dump file when studio is frozen?
The instructions are here for creating and submitting the file. This dump file would allow us to inspect the state of Studio when it is frozen, which would be very helpful to diagnose it.

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I haven’t encountered any crash/freeze recently however next time it happens i will make sure to include it.

Thanks for the reply still.

I’m going to close this issue on our end, since you aren’t seeing it anymore.
If it starts ocurring again, please let us know and we’ll reopen the bug and investigate.

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